Game Guide: How to Play Duck Hunt in Heroes of the Storm

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Since its earliest days, Blizzard has had a reputation of hiding pop culture easter eggs in all of its games. World of Warcraft is jam-packed with references to movies, TV, and other games and there are likely still plenty of hidden secrets that players have yet to find. It’s a little harder to hide easter eggs in a fast-paced MOBA like Heroes of the Storm, but Blizzard is always up for a challenge.

The latest easter egg in Heroes of the Storm is a throwback to a classic Nintendo title. Anyone who was lucky enough to own an NES and the companion Zapper likely remember wasting hours firing at fowl in Duck Hunt. Since the launch of the Diablo-themed Eternal Conflict event in Heroes of the Storm, players have been hunting down treasure goblins before each round of battle and racking up kills. A new hidden mini-game allows players to take a break from killing goblins (and each other) and start shooting birds out of the sky instead. The treasure goblin is still around to take the place of the snickering dog from Duck Hunt.

Rather than hiding the easter egg in a map, the Duck Hunt game is now a part of the main menu. Players can start a game by clicking on the big trees in the background. Once the game is active, the player’s available ammo will appear on the screen and the hunt begins. Be careful not to spam clicks (like you might usually do in HotS), because only a limited number of shots are available to shoot down the birds.

Here’s a preview video provided by Heroes Nexus

Hidden easter eggs on the main screen of HotS are a staple at this point, so it’s no surprise that the latest patch included some kind of treat for the keen-eyed gamers. Although the Duck Hunt game is a ton of fun, the latest patch was a big one and the mini-game is likely the least exciting part for most of the die-hard HotS players.

The patch also introduced another Diablo-inspired hero, the Monk, and preparation for the Infernal Shrines battleground. Here is Blizzard’s summary of the update…

“The Eternal Conflict between the Burning Hells and the High Heavens continues in the Nexus, and we’ve just unleashed our latest Heroes of the Storm patch! Today’s update includes a brand new Hero, the addition of Dynamic Bundles to the Shop, Ranked Play changes, design and balance tweaks, as well as a new Battleground coming next week.”

“Additionally, Game Designer Matt Cooper stepped in to provide some additional insight from the design team about many of the changes found in today’s update. Read through his comments in the Design, Battlegrounds, Talents, and Heroes sections of the patch notes if you’d like to learn more about why we made each of these changes.”

Heroes of the Storm has done a fantastic job of releasing frequent updates to keep the game’s content fresh and balanced during its first year. Sales on each Hero and custom skins rotate on a weekly basis and although the game is free to play, Blizzard makes it very easy to drop a few dollars at a time on aesthetic changes for the game. The skins may feel like a waste of money to casual players, but gamers who spend hours in the Nexus every day appreciate the opportunity to have some variety.

What do you think of the Duck Hunt easter egg? Will you be firing up the free-to-play game to try it out? Let us know in the comments.

Heroes of the Storm is now available on PC.

Source: Heroes Nexus