Sony Reveals New Midnight Blue and Steel Black PS4 Controllers

DualShock 4 Midnight Blue Steel Black

PlayStation 4 owners who may be in the market for new DualShock 4 controllers will be happy to know Sony announced today that two new colors, Midnight Blue and Black Steel, will be available for purchase in March.

Midnight Blue resembles the color of a clear evening sky during a late night gaming session that goes well into the dead of night. Steel Black, on the other hand, is a color that might resemble some of the larger than life weapons a player can wield in Monster Hunter World or the guns in shooters like Call of Duty: WW2. It is also similar to the color scheme of the controller that was included with the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 bundle.

Dualshock 4 Midnight Blue


Dualshock 4 Steel Black


These colors will add to the array of different DualShock 4 controllers Sony has made available. This includes a variety of colors and patterns, like magma red and camo. Sony has also released a few special edition controllers, like a 20th Anniversary one that was released to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation. It was decked out in a gray and black color scheme similar to the original DualShock 1.

While no specific date in March was given, Sony did confirm the controllers would be available through many different retailers across the US and Canada. Hopefully, this means PS4 users won't have to worry about the color they want only being exclusive to a particular store, as was the case with the translucent controllers that were released in late 2017.

Both controllers will have an MSRP of $64.99 USD and will only be available "while supplies last." Sony stated the controllers should currently be available for pre-order from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, either online or in-store.

Players looking to either switch from the default black of the original DualShock 4 or just add to their collection of colored PS4 controllers may want to keep an eye on these before they sell out and are no longer available.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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