Sony Reveals Colorful New Dualshock 4 Controllers

New dualshock 4 playstation controllers

For the past couple of months, Sony and PlayStation have built some serious momentum when it comes to announcing new special edition console bundles and accessories. At San Diego Comic-Con in July, the Spider-Man Special Edition PS4 Pro Bundle was revealed ahead of the game's launch this September, while the Translucent Limited Edition PS4 Pro to celebrate the company's 500 million systems sold milestone will release in the next couple of days. It seems there are no signs of stopping either, with the newest announcement of four new color schemes coming to the Dualshock 4 controller lineup.

The announcement of the new wave of controllers comes by way of the PlayStation Blog, with the soon to be released color options coming in Sunset Orange, Berry Blue, Blue Camo, and Copper. As far as any news concerning a release date, the only confirmation as of now is the controllers will launch sometime in September. Those in the U.S. looking to pick up the Copper color option will be able to buy the controller from GameStop first before it comes to other retailers.

sunset orange dualshock 4 controller


Each controller will cost approximately $64.99 and $74.99 in the US and Canada, respectively. Those who are in the market to grab a new Dualshock 4 before the newer models arrive, however, can pick up the translucent Limited Edition PS4 Pro Dualshock 4 controller on the same day the console launches. There's no word yet on if there are any other retailer exclusive deals for any of these controllers outside of the GameStop deal.

While they might not have the same approach as Microsoft with the Xbox Design Lab, which allows for fully-customizable Xbox One controllers, Sony still has a strong showing with their variation of special edition controllers. Outside of ordering a custom-PS4 controller from third party companies, Sony tends to release a few waves of new controller models annually. Last year, they released their translucent lineup of Crystal, Blue, and Red, as well as their Midnight Blue and Steel Black models.

The newest lineup of controllers appears to have the most variety of any launch lineup in the past from Sony. While there were a few great models to collect in years past such as the 20th Anniversary Edition and a standalone Uncharted 4 model, the next wave of controllers seems to bring a bit more personality and options for those who've been sitting on picking up a new color scheme for their systems.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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