Ah, Rock Band 3.  We’ve already seen some amazing new instruments: the Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller and the Squier by Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller, not to mention the brand new Wireless Keyboard Controller.  Cool though these are, sensible gamers, such as yourself, have no doubt been pondering, “these are all nice, but what about the drums?”  Glad you asked.

Ion, manufacturer of the awesome Drum Rocker kit for Rock Band 2, has announced a new revision of that set for Rock Band 3.  Dubbed the Drum Rocker Pro, it has a couple of features that set it apart from the previous version of the kit.

The most substantial addition has got to be the new Pro Pedal.  From the press release:

“Drum Rocker Pro Pedal is a professional-grade electronic kick drum pedal that delivers uncompromised kick drum performance to the Rock Band drumming experience. The Pro Pedal’s steel base plate and all-metal construction gives a solid, stable foundation. The dual-chain drive, adjustable beater and rubber trigger assembly identically replicates the physics and rebound that drummers demand out of an authentic kick drum pedal, while an adjustable spring assembly allows for customizable feel.”

This is a huge step up.  The pedal included with the first Drum Rocker was certainly better than the standard Rock Band drum pedal (being vastly more responsive and durable), but it still had a bit too much “mushiness” and it was loud as hell.

The new pedal is much more like the pedal you would find on a real world drum kit, with an actual beater and a pad that it hits.  For the first time ever in music games, playing the bass drum is going to feel like actually playing the bass drum.  The best news?  The Pro Pedal will be available separately, and can be added to current Drum Rocker and standard Rock Band kits.

Also new to the Drum Rocker Pro is a third cymbal pad.  The previous Drum Rocker supported three cymbals, but only came packaged with two.  Having a third cymbal (to complete the trio of Hi-hat, Crash, and Ride) will add even more authenticity to playing the drums in Rock Band 3‘s Pro Mode, which (at last) differentiates between drum pads and cymbal pads.

Rounding out the kit are the same high-quality drum pads and metal drum rack that came with the original Drum Rocker.

I’ve owned a Drum Rocker for nearly two years now, and I love it — it is by far the best drum controller available.  In fact, it can even be hooked up to a Drum Sound Module (Ion suggests the Alesis DM5 or DM6) and work as a real electronic drum set.  For anyone who actually plays the drums, or would really like to learn how, the Drum Rocker is an extremely worthwhile investment.

Pricing for the Drum Rocker Pro has not been announced.  The original Drum Rocker retailed for $299.99 at launch.

Ranters, are you interested in picking up a Drum Rocker Pro?  What is your Rock Band instrument of choice?

The Drum Rocker Pro should release this Holiday, and will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

Source: Joystiq