Driver: San Francisco Shift Multiplayer Trailers DRM

A couple of new trailers have dropped for the upcoming addition to the Driver series, Driver: San Francisco. Back at E3 2010 fans were told Driver: San Francisco takes place in comatose dreams of the main character – so the player gains the ability to shape his surroundings.

While some of the proposed elements have changed over the last year, if the new trailers are any indication, fans should brace for a crazy trip through one of the biggest sandbox environments ever created in a video game.

First up, The “Don’t Blink and Drive” trailer shows-off a number of new multiplayer modes included in the game such as “Tag,” “Take Down” and “Shift-Race” – all put to a catchy tune by Clutch. The trailer features plenty of high-octane driving, so make sure to get those hands planted firmly at 10 and 2 on your steering wheel.

Check out the trailer below:


Next up, the multiplayer gameplay trailer shows the dreamland “shift” ability, how it works and how players can use it to their advantage. Earning “Willpower” by performing stunts allows the player to shift into a different car and either gain ground in the race – or sabotage opponents. Ubisoft has added shift to the dozen-plus multiplayer modes offered – which will help keep players in the action at all times and add another driving strategy.

Check out the multiplayer trailer for a demonstration of even more multiplayer modes – and how shift will work when players hit the streets online.


Speaking of online, the DriverGame Twitter account recently shot-out a tweet stating that the PC version, which is releasing at the same time as all the other platforms, will require a permanent Internet connection in order to play. Implementing this type of DRM prevented legitimate customers from playing Assassins Creed 2when the verification servers were hacked while pirates were able to freely play. Ubisoft says they are continuously working on improving the technology but is all this effort and inconvenience inflicted on real customers worth it to prevent piracy?

This DRM news comes along with the announcement that Driver: San Francisco would utilize the new Ubisoft UPlay Passport, which requires players to enter a code online, to allow access to multiplayer gameplay and bonus features. A one time use code accompanies the game when purchased new but gamers purchasing the title used will be required to acquire another code for 800 Microsoft points or $9.99 on PC and PlayStation 3. As a result, gamers should start thinking twice before they buy games used – since the price might not include a new online pass.

What do you think of the new shift game mechanic? Have you had enough with Ubisoft’s push against piracy and used games sales?

Driver: San Francisco plans to shift into your comatose dream on all platforms August 30th, 2011.

Source: Twitter [via Eurogamer]