Driver: San Francisco Races to a September Release

Driver San Francisco Release Date

Like a note to share with the rest of the class, Ubisoft passed around a release schedule for some of its upcoming titles for the year. Among those dates was a time frame for the launch of Driver: San Francisco. While no specific day was given for the Driv3r sequel, Ubisoft has managed to whittle it down to September.

Fans eager to get behind the wheel of the Driver franchise once again are probably a little relieved to see an actual release window given for Driver: San Francisco. After all, it had been announced back in November that the game had been delayed. In a time with numerous studio closings happening left and right, it wouldn’t have been a complete shock for Driver to have remained parked permanently.

Let’s not forget that Driver: San Francisco leads, and will likely win, the race for Most Absurdly Ridiculous Plot Premise this year. Serving as a direct sequel to Driv3r, the Ubisoft Reflections developed entry finds players interacting with the game through the coma dream of John Tanner. No, really; the whole thing is a coma dream. That’s not even the wackiest part. If the player “dies” while in the game, they will be able to use a new game mechanic called 'Shift.' This will allow them to astral project themselves into another car elsewhere in the city. Finally, the game that melds peeling out with possessing souls that gamers have been clamoring for will get here in September.

Odd set-up aside, the game is said to be a return to form for the series and claims to be taking the franchise back to its roots. The last few Driver installments have received generally mixed to negative reactions from both critics and fans as it has not really been able to compete with most of the other high profile open world driving-centric games. A more focused effort on what made the series popular in the first place could be just what it needs and from our hands-on at E3 last summer of the early build, it might be something to look out for.

Any Driver fans out their getting their engines revved from this news? Are you a little weary of the game’s somewhat supernatural premise, or is the promise of a pure Driver experience enough to get you excited?

We’ll find out if this extended development time helps Driver: San Francisco when it starts burning rubber in September for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: VG 24/7

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