DriveClub Update: 'More Work To Do'

DiveClub's Blue Team

DriveClub's been having a rough time since it "launched" a couple of weeks ago. The free PlayStation Plus version was shockingly absent on launch day and, as of this writing, is still nowhere to be seen as developer Evolution Studios continues to try to get the full retail game to function correctly online. Evolution put out a patch to address some of the issues players were facing, though afterwards players are still having connection issues. At the very least, the absent dynamic weather feature is still on track for an end of the year launch, which is probably a big deal for those that have managed to enjoy the arcade-simulation hybrid racer. Or it's just another element emphasizing how not ready DriveClub when it was released.

Every few days the developer is working on updates and adding increased server capacity but Evolution still has a lot left to work on. In the latest update from on the DriveClub Facebook page, the developer revealed that more servers were set to come online within the next 24 hours, in addition to a diagnostics test that'll take place around the same time.

What, exactly, they're searching for wasn't detailed, but it's probably safe to suspect that it's related to performance, overall player activity, and just seeing if anything else is causing problems. Since the server additions will supposedly improve the game's performance and tweak online multiplayer races and leaderboards, it's definitely in Evolution's best interest to keep on eye on what's going on with the game mid-update. The last thing that team needs are more issues with a game that's been delayed several times.

That said, it may be a little while before we can move on and look to the game's future.

"More improvements will follow as we make progress on Sunday and Monday, but we still have more work to do to get everything back on track before we can give you any bigger or better news. We will keep you up to speed.

As always we appreciate your feedback about online play as it improves and about your time with the game in general, so please keep sharing with us."

As said before, the trimmed down PS Plus Edition of DriveClub is still M.I.A, and we won't see it released while the full game is still getting post-launch updates to get its online services working. Another version of the game would only cause more problems, and possibly create new challenges: if the servers for DriveClub proper have yet to provide near perfect performances, an additional version would only impact the performance even further, and then we'd be reading about updates dealing with that and the ensuing rage in the Facebook comments from paying customers who still don't have the promised functioning product they purchased.

Evolution appears to be committed and focused on improving DriveClub while keeping their fans up-to-date. Hopefully the game's problems will be solved sooner rather than later, and the people that have kept their interest this long get a great game out of it. More importantly, we hope Evolution and Sony avoid this sort of launch failure in the future.

Source: Evolution Studios

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