Sony Delays 'Driveclub: PS Plus Edition' Indefinitely

Driveclub PS Plus Indefinite Delay

Rather than keep the guessing game going any longer, Sony has made it official. The PS Plus Edition of Driveclub has been delayed indefinitely after repeated no-shows on the PSN Store.

Originally, the PS Plus Edition of Driveclub was supposed to alongside the retail version, but launch day problems put a halt to those plans. Out of the gate, Driveclub struggled to handle the server load, and while things have gotten considerably better they still are not perfect.

As a result, Sony and Evolution Studios made the decision to indefinitely delay Driveclub until they feel the servers can handle a whole new wave of players. Obviously, if the game is struggling to handle paying customers, it's very likely it will buckle under a new onslaught of free ones.

"With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice."

While PS Plus continues to offer worthwhile free games each month, Driveclub represented a big draw for PS4 subscribers. It was also a chance for players to sample the game before deciding whether the retail version was worth a buy. Now with this indefinite delay, who's to say whether anyone will care about Driveclub any further down the road?

DriveClub screenshot

Those who have had a chance to play Driveclub (read our review) have found it to be a competent, but not necessarily game-changing entry in the driving game lexicon. But most those who bought Driveclub were racing fans. The PS Plus Edition could have enticed non-racing fans as well.

And let us not forget that it wasn't until almost two weeks after release that Driveclub actually started to become stable. Before then, gamers were receiving error connection messages galore.

Perhaps Sony should have delayed Driveclub even longer than they already did, back from a PS4 launch title to a 2015 release. Clearly the game was not ready for public consumption, let alone as a PS Plus sampler. It's disappointing news, but we'll keep you posted if Evolution ever gives the game a PS Plus release date.

How do you feel about Sony delaying Driveclub: PS Plus Edition indefinitely? Do you think this game will be able to bounce back from all the bad press?


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