'DriveClub' Dev Warns of More 'Disruptions' to Online Play

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Originally planned as a PS4 launch title, team racer DriveClub was set to show off its graphical muscle early into the console's life cycle; not only in a full retail release, but a pared down, free version of the game offered to prove the worth of Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription (the service doles out free games each month).

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated title was pushed back from its original launch date, before being delayed several more times until it finally released last week. Necessary and vital improvements and fixes were cited as Evolution Studios, the team behind the game, went 'back to the drawing board' to prepare it for release.

Not everyone is convinced though. Our own review was favorable but ultimately found the game 'lacking in innovation' while the PS+ version of DriveClub has yet to materialize. Players have also complained about the instability of its online mode and now, Evolution Studios has explained that things are only set to get worse.

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Referred to as 'DriveAlone' by some disgruntled players, DriveClub's wheels hit the skids yesterday when it was revealed that the game's servers are unable to create new connections – meaning new players can't join until an existing one leaves, creating a waiting list that's whittled down at random. That solution will seem like a step back into the stone age for players used to connecting online seamlessly, but as if that wasn't harsh enough, Evolution took to the game's Facebook page again to explain"

"During the next 24hrs we are running essential diagnostics to help us improve the performance of the servers. This may disrupt online play for you when you do get connected."

Whilst this is concerning for DriveClub players who are already being subject to spotty multiplayer connections within the game, it also means that the PS+ version is ever farther away (if it's expected to materialize at all given these issues). And understandably, players are only growing more and more bitter. The team also added:

"We are sorry we don't have more news to share right now but we will keep working hard to get you all up and running online as quickly as we can."

However this is unlikely to soothe many as DriveClub, in addition to being a much awaited PS4 exclusive, is also the PS4's only racer this year. Forza Horizon 2, the Xbox exclusive that DriveClub has been pitted against by fans and critics, is also suffering from connectivity issues (although not as severe). Perhaps Sony and Microsoft players alike are lamenting the fact that multi-platform series Need for Speed is on a break.

So it's a long and disappointing wait for existing DriveClub players and those preparing to get the PS+ 'demo' version, but maybe with these diagnostics Evolution Studios will finally be able to get things up and running (properly) soon. Are you planning on giving the game a spin, or has this news soured your interest?

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