Driveclub is Adding a Hardcore Option for Realistic Driving

Driveclub Hardcore Mode

Driveclub's game director reveals that a hardcore option for the PS4 racer is set to arrive in February's update, turning off traction control and stability control.

Racing sims have long been striving to get as close to realistic driving as possible. 2014's PS4 exclusive Driveclub, however, felt more like a hybrid of an arcade racer and a traditional racing sim, delivering slightly modified real-world roads as tracks alongside smooth arcade gameplay. Now, developer Evolution Studios has revealed that the title is going to get a lot more realistic.

According to game director Paul Rustchynsky, Driveclub is going to have a hardcore option very soon. This hardcore mode, which will attempt to bring realistic driving to the racer, is set to arrive in February's Driveclub update. The news was revealed by Rustchnsky on his Twitter page, alongside a short video of the hardcore mode in action.

Rustchynsky also revealed some of the features that the hardcore mode will include. The Evolution game director stated that the game will now allow the player to turn off such racing staples as traction control and stability control, alongside a number of "other assists." Those interested in seeing exactly what to expect from this hardcore game mode can check out a test video below.


Driveclub's hardcore mode is going to be a little limited to start with however, and will not be compatible with bikes at launch. What's more, there will also be no leaderboards for the hardcore mode of the game. When queried by fans as to why leaderboards would not be included, the game director explained that "right now it's just time/resources" that is holding the developer back from leaderboard creation. Of course, Driveclub players will be used to missing features and delays by now, given the long wait for the PS Plus version of the game.

It's fair to say that Driveclub has had a difficult time on the market since its release in October of 2014. The game launched with a number of technical issues, with Evolution eventually offering free DLC as compensation to players for the poor quality of the initial game. In spite of fixes over time, the game has still become synonymous with the ongoing problem of high-profile games being broken at launch.

Evolution Studios will no doubt he hoping that the addition of a hardcore mode to the game's regular racing will add a little more longevity to the game. Giving players the chance to take part in more realistic races may well help the PS4 and Sony, too, gearing racing fans up for the release of Gran Turismo 7 for the console in the future. Let's see how the update fares, and if Driveclub can keep the players that stuck with the title happy.

Source: Twitter

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