‘DriveClub’ Will Have Playable Female Drivers

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Although it’s a feature not currently highlighted by any of the game’s trailers or screenshots, DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky (the game’s second Game Director) has revealed the title will offer playable female drivers. Rustchynsky confirmed the news over Twitter in response to a fan question about being able to choose a feminine character.

While most gamers will be completely unaware whether their driver is female or male, giving them the option is a smart move on Evolution Studios‘ part. It not only increases DriveClub‘s reach in terms of who it might appeal to, but also gives gamers an extra option when creating their personalized driver.

It might seem strange to highlight a playable female driver option when it comes to racing games, but, outside of a few examples like Mario Kart, most racing titles don’t offer the choice. It’s true that, in most cases, racing games don’t actually show the driver, and thus determining their sex is a moot point, but recently developers have begun to offer playable female characters even when sex doesn’t matter. Some more recent examples include Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall, which, despite being first person shooters, still allow for a female soldier option.

After having slipped to 2014, there were a lot of questions surrounding DriveClub and whether or not he PS4-exclusive racing title might be in a less polished state than Evolution was letting on. As it turns out, however, the push to 2014 was made to improve the game’s dynamic menu system, which, as we have recently learned, acts like a social network of sorts.

Now that Evolution has presumably gotten DriveClub‘s menu in a working state, they are primed for an October 7th debut, which isn’t too far off from the game’s original launch date…a year ago. Regardless, we’re eager to see whether DriveClub can deliver the type of next-gen racing experience fans hope for, but there are still a lot of questions on the table (i.e. microtransactions).

How do you feel about DriveClub included playable female drivers? How much longer until a female option is included in all games?

DriveClub releases October 7, 2014 for the PS4.

Source: Paul Rustchynsky

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