Media Molecule studio head apologizes for the delay of the beta for Dreams, the spiritual successor to LittleBigPlanet, which will launch exclusively on the PS4.

Fans of LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule will have their spirits slightly dampened today, as the studio has announced that the beta for their new game, Dreams, has been delayed until 2017. The first look was initially scheduled to come out this year.

Dreams has been rumored for several years now, but very few actual details have been released. The game is scheduled to be a PS4 exclusive and should feature the kind of enchanting gameplay seen in LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, yet, according to Sony President Shuhei Yoshida, will have “much more flexibility.” Thus far all that has been released are some screenshots and a video of a rendering error that was accidentally released and ended up acting like a teaser trailer for Dreams.

dreams piano

In fact, the only thing anyone has heard in months regarding Dreams is the statement by studio director Siobhan Reddy apologizing for the delay.

“It’s getting close to the end of 2016 and it’s time to let you all know that the beta trial for Dreams won’t be starting this year. We are sorry for being a bit quiet of late and for disappointing people not being at PSX, but sometimes you have to just shut the doors, take the phone off the hook and hunker down and that’s exactly what we have been doing!”

Reddy seems to be taken aback by the sheer scale of the project. “I mean, we always knew we were a bit crazy, but the enormity of it has taken even us by surprise,” she continues, “and rather than cutting corners we are staying true to our vision – that Dreams isn’t just about drawing, or sculpting, but also game creation, storytelling, animation, music and sound, all rolled into one whole beautiful PlayStation game.

“We are well on the way, and have had a really productive year. We have ticked off many big tasks including implementing a working rough cut of the full feature set, starting the QA/developer version of the trial and making good progress on the game campaign we are making within Dreams. The results we are getting in the studio are truly amazing but we have a bit more to do before we share it with the world. We don’t want you to have to squint through a haze of bugs or unfinished features, so we’re going to share our progress with you all in the New Year!”

Judging by their former work like LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule’s games are always very ambitious and creative, so some delays are to be expected. Dreams’ development may take a bit longer than fans would like, but the end result should be more than worth it.

Dreams has no release date yet, but will be exclusive to the PS4.