Dreamcast Game Finally Gets Its DLC Unlocked

Dreamcast Game DLC Released

Back in 2001, the Dreamcast – a console which many agree was far ahead of its time – was officially discontinued. The untimely stoppage of the console's production by Sega effected many game developers who had ties to the console, and it's hard to find a better example of this than Floigan Bros., a game which was being developed by Visual Concepts during the cancellation. The game launched 4 months after the console was officially discontinued, and planned DLC for the game was never appropriately unlocked after this – that is, until now.

Like the Dreamcast, Visual Concepts had hooked on to some ideas which came ahead of their rise in prominence: namely, on-disc DLC. While this method of delivering content is oft-despised by gamers now, back then it was a mostly unheard-of concept. Floigan Bros. had a year's worth of monthly scheduled on-disc content to deploy, including new outfits, characters, in-game items, and even a brand new mini-game. Unfortunately, all of these DLC items haven't been available in an online archive for the game, until some of the original Floigan Bros. development team chipped in this year to help everyone experience the game's full content via digital download.

Interested gamers can take a look at the Floigan Bros. downloadable content below, which were called Fun Moigle Things at the time:

Ironically, some of the Visual Concepts developers had to beat some of their own anti-tampering security measures in order to unlock the full game for the masses: by manipulating a January DLC file, they were able to unlock each month of subsequently scheduled content. A big thanks goes out to Tim Meekins, Nick Jones, and John Elliot of the original Floigan Bros. development team for putting in much of the leg work here to make it happen, and allowing gamers to enjoy some gaming history.

It's great to see developers revisit a title more than 15 years old and help the community unlock content for it that would otherwise be limited to only those who could grab physical copies of the disc. It's why fans now have more official records of things like the original N64 Die Hard pre-production files, and we're sure more gaming history will unearth itself as time passes by.

Gamers can find the newly unlocked content at the link below.

Source: Dreamcast Live

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