‘The Dreamcast Collection’ Coming Soon to Xbox 360 and PC

Sega Dreamcast

The SEGA Dreamcast is still held in high regard amongst many in the gaming community. The last SEGA console, beloved by its passionate and dedicated cult following, was discontinued by the company in 2001. The console was anything but dead, as SEGA of Japan continued selling refurbished systems and releasing new games until 2007.

Fans of the Dreamcast who now play their games on an Xbox 360 or PC will be able to relive their past favorites through The Dreamcast Collection, releasing this February. Sorry PS3 owners, we hope you've kept your old systems in good condition.

Sonic Adventure, which sold over 2.5 million copies, was the best-selling Dreamcast game ever. The first game in the Sonic series to feature free-roaming 3D gameplay was a critical as well as commercial success upon release, so fans will be happy to hear that it's included in the compilation.

Quickly becoming the best reason to own a Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure was highly praised for its fast and enjoyable gameplay as well as the game's graphics, story, and music.

Another classic title from the console's golden era, Crazy Taxi will also be included in the Dreamcast Collection. Developed by Hitmaker, now SEGA AM3, the chance to take paying customers to various destinations in the most insane fashion possible was an experience few could resist, and the game's various incarnations are proof of the title's staying power.

SEGA Bass Fishing may come as a surprise inclusion for a collection of classic hits, but the game is remembered for showcasing the graphic capabilities of the Dreamcast with its realistic fishing experience, ultimately becoming one of the few SEGA titles to be deemed 'All-Star.'

Space Channel 5: Part 2 was released in 2002 for the Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2, and gave players the chance to control funky space reporter 'Ulala' as she grooved to rescue hostages and stop the evil 'Rhythm Rogues.' The game was certainly a memorable experience, with each level built around dance-offs and shoot-outs, during which the player must repeat commands spoken by the opponent in time to the rhythm.

Remembered for its unique titles as much as its graphical innovations, it's often forgotten just how focused the console was on bridging the gap between the online gameplay inherent to PCs and the realm of the home console. Gary Knight, VP of Marketing at SEGA of America and SEGA Europe is happy to see that the legacy of the system will continue to live on:

"The Dreamcast console is still remembered as a pioneering console for online gaming...We are delighted to be able to offer to our large community of dedicated fans a collection such as Dreamcast Collection for them to enjoy old favorites on this generation of consoles."

The wildest dreams of the failed console will be coming true when the collection hits retail shelves, bringing improved graphics, online leaderboards, and achievements to fulfill the true potential of these classic titles. If you thought your dreams of taking on the entire world in bass fishing had been lost with the Dreamcast, then SEGA is your new favorite company.

It's always nice to see old favorites being given a second chance, but this is only a handful of games from the history of the system. Chu Chu Rocket was already released for the iOS, and Shenmue received another iteration for cell phones. If the Dreamcast Collection turns out to be a hit, could that mean there's a chance to see those games make the trip to consoles as well? We'll just have to wait and see.

What titles have been left out that you think deserve another life on modern consoles? With titles like Jet Set Radio and House of the Dead, there are plenty to choose from, so hopefully this is only the first batch.

The Dreamcast Collection brings back fond memories on the Xbox 360 and PC when it's released in North America on  February 22, and Europe on February 25.

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