God of War Creator's Drawn to Death Comes to PlayStation Plus in April

Drawn to Death Launching On PlayStation Plus

Drawn to Death will launch as part of April's line-up of free PlayStation Plus titles, according to a post from David Jaffe, the director of the original God of War. Jaffe's latest game, the first title from his young studio The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, is an online multiplayer shooter. Specifically, the game has a lot of 90s Death Metal and high school angst attitude, as evidenced in this trailer. For PlayStation Plus titles, they'll get to experience that attitude first-hand for free.

Six characters will launch with Drawn to Death on April 4. Expect more information on who those characters are in the upcoming weeks. For now though, Jaffe wants to leave an impression that while the roster may not be huge, each of the characters is complex and worth spending extensive time with. In fact, Barlet Jones is going the extra mile to encourage players to play each character, with each of the six getting 15 "action-packed missions." These missions will unlock costumes and taunts, as well as provide a deeper look into who the character really is underneath all the bloody chunks.

Other newly announced features include Sphinx Missions, eight battle-focused riddles that each unlock new weapons and levels for players to partake in, and a game mode named Climb the Tower. Here's the Climb the Tower description:

"The Drawn To Death launch tower is based on the theme Dark Fairy Tales, and if you play in ranked mode, you’ll have a chance to reach the tower’s top, earning insane stickers for every floor you reach!"

It sounds like Drawn to Death's Climb the Tower mode will work as a sort of competitive season, encouraging players to "climb" the competitive ranks over a certain amount of time and earning rewards for success. A new tower will eventually replace the current one, starting players climbing all over again. A normal competitive season wouldn't do for Drawn to Death. This version probably features a lot more spikes.

Initially, Drawn to Death was revealed as a free-to-play title, funded via microtransactions. That inevitably changed, likely due to the game's adoption as a PlayStation Plus title. Now Drawn to Death will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but premium for those who want to pick up the game after its free month-long window. Being a PlayStation 4 console exclusive published by Sony, its inclusion as a PlayStation Plus title and a multiplayer-exclusive experience means the vast majority of folks wanting to play Drawn to Death will get it for free. That should justify the continued existence of microtransactions within the game.

Regarding microtransactions, in Jaffe's blog post today, he does introduce some of the ideas behind Drawn to Death's monetization. He doesn't specifically address microtransactions, but it's skin deep. Jaffe mentions that Drawn to Death will feature Mystery Boxes which include character taunts and skins which sounds similar to Overwatch's Loot Boxes. Players earn a free Mystery Boxe every 150 kills, rather than the Overwatch-style experience bar awarding gifts. There's also a reference to unlocking weapons and levels, though what's unlocked via gameplay versus microtransaction is unclear.

Drawn to Death will launch on April 4 as part of the PlayStation Plus program, free to subscribers. Pricing for those without PlayStation Plus has not been announced, but it's safe to say it'd be cheaper to subscribe for a month, since players will need the service to play online.

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