It looks like another classic arcade title will be joining Xbox Live Arcade’s impressive lineup of defining pieces of gaming history – on May 18th, the classic arcade title Dragon’s Lair will be coming to Xbox 360s everywhere.

Due to its striking success in traditional arcades in the early 80s, it has been ported to countless platforms over the years; however, nearly thirty years after the game was first released (back in 1983), the classic title will also be getting a Kinect integration upgrade.

The XBLA Dragon’s Lair will be compatible with Kinect as well as controller-based input, making it the first XBLA title to pull double-duty. This means that players can enjoy the traditional method of playing, or utilize specific motions through Kinect to perform the quick time events the game is known for popularizing. This Kinect integration option, as opposed to mandatory implementation approach, has proven successful in recent titles such as Mass Effect 3 and Tiger Woods 13.

Check out the trailer for Dragon’s Lair XBLA (with Kinect) below:


Throughout the game, specific icons will appear, hinting at what to do next. Taking its intentionally difficult gameplay style into consideration, however, is it appropriate for XBLA to adjust the key element of the game that relies on building memory and timing skills?

Dragon's Lair XBLA Gameplay

Dragon’s Lair was well-known in arcades for not only being very challenging, but also charging $0.50 per play instead of the usual quarter. Back then, this was a pretty big deal, and helped set it aside from previous arcade titles of the time. While the difficulty aspect may have, at face value, kept players spending money in order to see the beautifully animated sequences by Don Bluth, the feeling of having to solve a problem quickly (and the joy of doing so) is what brought fans back again and again.

This legendary title has been re-coded to play on several computer and console systems, such as the Commodore 64 and Amiga systems, Atari ST, NES, and the Apple Macintosh. In a few weeks, veteran arcade game enthusiasts and newcomers alike can try their hand  — literally — at surviving the lair.

Keep your eyes peeled and your wits sharp for Dragon’s Lair when it drops May 18th on Xbox Live Arcade!

Source: Microsoft