Capcom is releasing new content for Dragon’s Dogma with an upcoming expansion in 2013. Other than it being released as DLC, Capcom hasn’t said much on the subject besides presenting a trailer at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. It’s speculated to be substantial in size due to the game continually being referred to as an expansion. Fans of the open world RPG will be looking forward to another fantasy frolic with the Arisen  — others, not so much. See what we thought in our Dragon’s Dogma review.

Regardless of its reception, it’s refreshing to see Capcom supporting one of their titles instead of simply rereleasing it as an Ultimate or Super something. In fact, Capcom has been maintaining steady support for the game since its release. Granted, most available DLC take the form of microtransactions for equipement, quests and hairstyles, and with around 100 hours of gameplay and goodies already available for free it’s hard to imagine forking out money for a virtual bouffant.

On top of the expansion, Capcom will be adding two new game modes by the end of this year for free — a word Capcom doesn’t often associate themselves with. Adding onto the recently released Easy Mode, Dragon’s Dogma will gain a Hard Mode, which will reward players with better loot for their efforts, and a Speedrun mode, which will challenge players to beat the game within an allotted time for fabulous prizes. Capcom’s support is most likely rooted in the fact the title sold well worldwide — so well that a sequel has already been announced.

As for the expansion, details are nil, but using keen powers of deduction (and some imagination) it might be assumed the title “Dark Arisen” is suggesting an evil version of the protagonist (also called The Arisen) — a “Nega Arisen,” if you will, or a “Dark Link” for you old schoolers. Maybe this will add a bit more story that some felt was lacking (myself included). The trailer doesn’t reveal much on that subject, or any other for that matter. It’s a tease in every sense of the word, but information should be trickling out soon, so stay tuned to Game Rant when they do for all the latest on this title.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will release sometime in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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