Exclusive ‘Dragons and Titans’ Trailer: Adventure Mode Explained

By | 2 years ago 

League of Legends and DOTA 2 might be the go-to for MOBA (massive online battle arena) players looking for a competitive multiplayer experience, but there’s always something attractive about a slightly less intense campaign – and having other modes to play. Wyrmbyte’s MOBA Dragons and Titans puts players on the backs of fire-breathing monsters, and presents them the choice between three distinct competitive multiplayer modes or a single player driven Adventure Mode.

When we took at the game in early access to Dragons and Titans (see our first gameplay impressions video), we noted Adventure Mode as one of the game’s standout features, and Indie developer Wyrmbyte just released a new trailer highlighting the benefits of playing Adventure Mode, the single player campaign in their newly released MOBA. In addition to flying Dragons, faster match times and unique RPG elements, Adventure Mode is one of the key features that sets the game a part from other similar MOBAs out there.  In Adventure Mode, players get to unravel the game’s deep Lore as well as earn stars and unlock unique Dragons.  The game is currently available to play on Steam and Facebook for free.

Players who aren’t interested in the chaotic multiplayer matches that MOBAs have to offer or who would just prefer to hone their skills more than is possible in the tutorial levels have a less stressful opportunity to level up their dragons. The ‘Adventure Mode Explained’ gameplay trailer offers a closer look at everything the single player mode brings to the table. The three existing acts explore the game’s lore, and (most importantly) unlock new dragons. A fourth act is currently in development, but no official release date has been announced.

Dragons and Titans White Dragon

Each act offers players ten stages to explore, with 15 unique missions per stage. Missions reward players with stars that can be used to upgrade their dragon of choice once they reach the 75 star and 150 star milestones. And all that progress is made while the game’s story unfolds through each act. In addition to the enhancements to world-building that are delivered through the characters and lore introduced in Adventure Mode, the mode’s unique maps add a surprising amount of variety to the universe. Included are enough challenges in each act to keep players busy for hours, so it’s a nice change of scenery to fly over different landscapes than we see most of the time in the multiplayer modes where backgrounds can get repetitive.

Knowing that the challenges in Adventure Mode can be a bit difficult at times until mastering the game’s mechanics, we’re interested to see how much the intensity scales up during the later challenges – particularly in the upcoming Act 4 which is releasing soon. Does the inclusion of Adventure Mode – in additional to its MOBA offerings – make you any more likely to give the free-to-play Dragons and Titans a try? Let us know in the comments!


Dragons and Titans is available now for Mac and PC.

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