'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Character Creation & Crafting Trailers

If it wasn't clear already, the developers at BioWare are keen to prove that their fans have been heard loud and clear, with Dragon Age Inquisition seeking to offer more customization, more detail, and a dangerous amount of fine-tuning and intricate systems than fans have dared to hope. After Dragon Age 2 sought to streamline the process, the team has put their extra development time to use, as the latest trailer highlighting Inquisition's crafting, weapons, and party customization systems promises that a lack of options won't be a concern come launch.

The developers have already chosen to highlight how the increased emphasis on choice and individual preferences as it pertains to combat, shown to be given a new tactical edge. But the ability to use the player's entire party as not merely a group of fighters, but a strike team tailored to a player's specific play style doesn't just impact the flow of battle itself. As the new video shows, the control players have over their allies means much, much more.

It might seem like the ability to craft specific weapons and armor for each member of your party is a more important feature than the chance to choose appearances on a cosmetic level, but let's just say... BioWare fans tend to value both a great deal. It was Dragon Age: Origins which allowed players to have as much or little impact over their party as they saw fit (which made sense, considering players can hop to any of them in the heat of combat), and the fan reactions to DA2 proved it was more than just a bonus layer of customization.

That being said, the ability to equip specific loadouts for each member, along with a crafting system that seems as deep and intricate as any other in the modern age of RPGs looks to set the bar even higher - BioWare hoping to attract more than just their existing fans, we would guess.

Dragon Age Inquisition Creation Crafting Trailers

Of course, before players need ever worry about the fighter and factions that will oppose or support their leadership of the Inquisition, they must first take on their own shape (and upgrade their very own base of operations, as well). And there rests another opportunity for BioWare to step into next-gen at full speed, bringing back not just the chance to play as different genders and races, but making efforts to represent all equally.

Besides highlighting a female Qunari Mage in prior gameplay sessions (not exactly the first combination that comes to mind for most), the character creation system also has no 'standard' gender, but is randomly determined each time.

Fans can see for themselves just how many sliders and minute adjustments they'll have to make when the game is released this November, but be warned: it may only tantalize, making the weeks left to launch all the more painful.

Are you excited to see customization and crafting return to Dragon Age in even greater detail than before, or do you hope to see a more streamlined play style supported as well? BioWare and EA are certainly looking to appeal to both groups, so we'll keep you updated as more announcements are made about how they plan to offer a welcoming campaign - as well as a nuanced and challenging one.

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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