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When Microsoft held their X'11 in Toronto to showcase upcoming games coming to the Xbox 360, Bethesda of course brought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a game we at Game Rant couldn't have been more excited for. I sat there with the representative for well over an hour, enjoying gameplay, chatting about the series and where it could go next.

On the console versions of Skyrim, the menus seemed design with Kinect motion controls in mind so I had to ask if that was something Bethesda considered. I was told that they've discussed motion controls for their games and are interested in it, but it's not something they'd ever implement unless they can do something amazing with it, something that makes sense and actually improves gameplay.

So, while Bethesda's latest RPG doesn't feature motion control support, that doesn't mean it wouldn't work and that's exactly what we're going to prove to you today.

Using a program called FAAST for gesture commands and VAC for custom voice controls, the people at PC Games Kinected (YouTube channel KinectFAAST) have implemented Kinect controls for yet another PC game. Not only can the user control each hand during combat, but intuitive controls allow them to access spells in one hand or both and switch back to weapons/item just as easily. And yes, the player can of course make use of dragon shouts with voice commands:


While the hand-to-hand combat isn't special since hand movements do not directly control the orientation of the weapon/shield, movement and combat works surprisingly well, most notably with the ranged bow and arrow attack which we'd assume would be frustratingly difficult.

What really impresses us is the voice commands and how well the player can call upon different spells, even dual-wielding them, before switching back to weapons to finish off a foe. This just goes to show the creativity of some users and what can be done with Kinect. Can you image what we may be able to do in future iterations of  Kinect and other motion control devices?

And Bethesda, adding in voice support so players can call out any dragon shout by speaking the words would be cool.  Cooler than the Dragon Shout app!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: KinectFAAST

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