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‘Dragon Rider’ Review: Mobile Dragon Adventure Game Flies High

By | 1 year ago 

dragon rider

Dragon Rider has arrived at a time when dragons are—excuse the pun—hot. But then dragons are always hot. From Pete and Elliott to Hiccup and Toothless to Khaleesi and her scaly babies, dragons are a motif that rarely drop off the radar. Whether we fancy ourselves dragon slayers or dragon tamers—they’re pleasantly everywhere in our gaming and literature culture.

‘Dragon Rider’ Takes To The Skies

Developers Tezminds released their own take on the genre when they launched Dragon Rider in April. A free-to-play mobile game that uses in-game purchases to boost players’ abilities and experiences, the game has had a quiet release in its first two months, though with its beautiful artwork and responsive controls, it’s sure to be a hit—with both adults and young fans of the How to Train Your Dragon series.

Seamless Gameplay, Responsive Dragons

The world-building in Dragon Rider centers around a lava-filled land rife with enemies and danger. As a dragon rider, you’re equipped with a dragon of your very own to maneuver through four unique zones that feature multiple levels in each. While the specific goals might vary between levels, the premise is the same: destroy the enemy with your dragon’s shooting capabilities along with bubbles, bricks, and other world features for extra points and extra smash-gratification.

Each level has different achievements and awards players can earn. The higher the score, the higher the achievement level (Bronze, Silver and Gold), and bonus achievements keep play interesting.

Tezminds also took special care in attempting to develop a hearty Facebook community where game fans get a chance to interact and challenge each other’s scores.

In Dragon Rider, you can even dip your dragon low into water as you fly through the map; a neat little addition that doesn’t really become necessary but adds to the fun.

Players maneuver agile dragons through four zones and multiple levels.

The dragon’s responsiveness is fairly sensitive, so for players with seemingly over-sized hands or impulsive fingers (such as yours truly), let’s just say the poor dragon might experience a few major crash-and-burn issues as the “rider” learns the ropes.

More Reactions To Dragon Rider

The artwork, what the developers dubbed 2.5 dimension, is noteworthy and eye-catching. The color palettes are bright and bold and the artistic style is reminiscent of well-drawn fairytale art. The free content was plentiful—enough to keep players occupied without necessarily needing to pony up cash to defeat levels or move on to new content.

One aspect that was particularly well-developed was the dragon’s wild, looping movements. The beast, full of fire and brimstone, had a playfulness to the way it moved through the air, adding a definite element of whimsy to the tasks and accomplishments players are assigned to complete. It’s not your average “keep ‘er between the lines” type of flying; there’s plenty of creative freedom to enjoy with the dragon’s flight patterns. Overall, the game is straight-forward, full of action, and a fun way to pass some time on your mobile device.

Dragon Rider is available for free in the iOS App Store and through the Google Play store.