Dragon Quest is one of the most influential RPG series of all time. Often cited as one of the first home console RPGs, Dragon Quest has since impacted on the development of series such as Final Fantasy, and its monster-training gameplay in Dragon Quest V was an influence on the creation of Pokemon. The franchise is also top-selling smash in Japan, and is so popular that an urban legend has sprung up stating that Japanese law only allows the release of Dragon Quest games on weekends and national holidays due to its effect on work productivity.

Although the series has plenty of fans in America and Europe, the success has never quite reached the same heights as in Asia. The franchise has even been cited by publisher Square Enix as one of the examples of the difference between Western and Eastern game design, with Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii stating that US reviewers are “more negative towards turn-based battle systems” such as those in Dragon Quest. As a result, not every Dragon Quest game has made it to the West.

That will not be the case with the latest Dragon Quest title, however. Square Enix has revealed that Dragon Quest Heroes, an upcoming spin-off from Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, will see a release in both Europe and North America in 2015. The game is set to launch in Japan tomorrow.

Dragon Quest Heroes US and Europe Release

The post by Square Enix also announced that Dragon Quest Heroes would be a PS4 exclusive. For its Japanese release, the title is available on both PS3 and PS4, but it seems as though the PS3 version has been lost along the way when coming to the West. It’s a shame for PS3 owners, and no explanation for its PS4 exclusivity has yet been given.

Western Dragon Quest fans are likely to still be happy, though. The series has not had a localized Western release since Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies in 2009. The release of Dragon Quest Heroes also marks another rare occurrence: the Dragon Quest franchise has recently found its home on Nintendo consoles, and Dragon Quest Heroes will mark its first return to the PlayStation since 2006’s PS2 title Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

Dragon Quest Heroes shares more than a slight resemblance to Hyrule Warriors. The Legend of Zelda-themed actioner was also developed by Omega Force, bringing Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay to another well-loved game series. Hyrule Warriors even turned out to be one of the most successful Wii U games, shipping over 1 million copies. If the title’s success is anything to go by, Dragon Quest Heroes could be a solid hit this year.

Dragon Quest Heroes will release in North America and Europe later in 2015, exclusively for PS4.

Source: Square Enix