A Steam slip-up reveals that Dragon Quest’s hack-and-slash spin-off, Dragon Quest Heroes, is coming to the PC, but no official announcement has been made.

There was a time that the very words “Dragon Quest” was enough to send Japanese gamers sprinting to the nearest gaming store, money in hand. Dragon Quest was so popular in its native country, lawmakers forbade entries of the series from releasing on weekdays, lest excited gamers skip work and school to enjoy it. While the popularity of Dragon Quest has since cooled, it has remained a lucrative franchise in Japan. But stateside, the franchise has been more of a niche title, amassing a fan following due to its devotion to old-school RPG aesthetics, but never rising to the popularity level of one time competitor Final Fantasy.

But the enduring popularity of the Dragon Quest franchise has allowed it to branch off into a myriad of spin-offs, including the recently released Dragon Quest Heroes. Joining forces with the spin-off happy Dynasty Warriors franchise, Dragon Quest Heroes takes familiar faces from across Dragon Quest’s extensive library and turns them loose on evildoers in intense hack-and-slash action. The game was a hit in it’s native country, and publisher Square-Enix opted to bring the title to Western gamers, promising to consider future Dragon Quest release should the title sell well.

According to a posting made to Steam under cover of night, Dragon Quest Heroes has managed to do well for itself in English speaking countries, landing itself a PC port. The game is being actively advertised on Steam’s home page, with a splash ad that invites gamers to pre-order the title. However, the ad currently redirects to Steam’s homepage, and searching for the title turns up no listings.

Dragon Quest Steam Ad

This would suggest that the Steam ad was listed early in error, hence its lack of an accompanying announcement. Steam users are reporting seeing the ad early in the day, only for the ad to have been pulled from the home page upon booting up Steam later.

This accidental posting is sure to excite PC fans of the Omega Force-developed Dynasty Warriors series, as the franchise has not graced PC’s since 2014’s Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends.

While Dynasty Warriors games have been absent from PC, the franchises’ spin-offs have been busy popping up on consoles, with Hyrule Warriors exciting Zelda and hack-and-slack fans on the Wii-U, while One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 has kept field combat fans busy on the PlayStation 4.

Bringing Dragon Quest Heroes to PC suggests that the title has sold well enough for Square-Enix to explore additional release for the game, which could bode well for the Dragon Quest franchise. With Square-Enix preparing Dragon Quest games for Nintendo’s mysterious NX, the sales of this game may ultimately decide whether Western gamers will get their hands on the next-gen entries in the classic series.

Dragon Quest Heroes is out now for PS3 and PS4.

Source: Gematsu