The Square Enix/Omega Force collaboration Dragon Quest Heroes 2 gets an official release date for the PC as well as a new overview trailer that teases the game’s adventures.

Though the high-powered hack-and-slash game Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below technically received its official sequel back in May of 2016, only Japanese gamers were able to get their hands on it. Developed by Omega Force, the same brains behind the tactical action series Dynasty Warriors, and gaming industry giants Square Enix, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 was clamored for by fans across the globe. When the title and its predecessor were announced in a game bundle for the upcoming Nintendo Switch, players were understandably excited.

That hype was recharged today, when Square Enix confirmed that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 would hit PCs this spring. In a blog posted on Square Enix’s official website, Dan Seto, the community manager at Square Enix’s Japan Studio, broke the news. Previously, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 was announced for the PlayStation 4 and would be reaching North American audiences on April 25, 2017. Today, the title was confirmed for PC and received the very same release date. Both North American console and desktop players enjoy all the game has to offer three days before European gamers can; the game will hit their ports on April 28.

Regardless of region restrictions, Square Enix also unveiled the all-new overview trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes 2 in order to bring everyone up to speed. Originally posted on PlayStation 4‘s official YouTube page, the video dives into the unique happenings of the game’s Seven Realms, offers up a bit more background information for those less familiar with the franchise’s history, and explains what makes the game so special.

The field-roaming RPG “sends players on a new adventure to restore order in a once peaceful world filled with hordes of monsters and battles of epic proportions,” according to the trailer’s synopsis. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 supports up to four multiplayer channels, encouraging cooperative play in order to “conquer swarms of enemies and defeat challenging boss monsters” as any one of the various characters the game has available to play. Such playable heroes and heroines include a handful of Dragon Quest originals as well as four new heroes. Take a look at the overview trailer below:

Additionally, in Seto’s blog there are breakdowns of the game’s features, like the “expansive and interconnected environments” that allow players freedom of exploration, “fast-paced customizable combat,” and online cooperative play. But what many Dragon Quest fans find most intriguing is the introduction of the Explorers Edition, which includes a special inlay and fully reversible cover to make the game look similar to the in-game Adventurers Logbook. This special edition of the game includes 15 DLC weapons like the Robo-Bow and Golem Gauntlets. The full list can be found on the announcement blog.

The final bit of news covered in the Square Enix post concerns Steam. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will reach the digital distribution service worldwide on April 28. Considering the multiple platform options now available to play the game on, many may turn their backs on the game’s Nintendo Switch version in favor of their tried and true systems — ones they know it can fit on. Recently, it was revealed that the aforementioned Dragon Quest Heroes Switch bundle was a massive 32 GB in size, meaning that it exceeds the console’s native memory capacity. This may have players avoiding the title in order to save room for other Switch games, like Breath of the Wild or Splatoon 2.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 releases for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 3. It will release in North America for PC and PS4 on April 25, in Europe for PC and PS4 on April 28, and worldwide on Steam on April 28.