10 Pro Tips For Dragon Quest Builders 2 You Should Know

Following the success of the first Dragon Quest Builders the sequel takes the franchise in a fun new direction. After Hargon was defeated in the events of Dragon Quest II his followers formed the cult Children of Hargon and sought to exact revenge by carrying out Hargon’s goals.

Now the player must develop their character and building abilities to push back against the forces of evil in this creative game. While anyone who’s played the first game will undoubtedly have a solid understanding of how to succeed in this one, there are some more general tips and tricks that will make you a pro in no time. Improve your Dragon Quest Builders 2 gameplay with these pro tips.

10 No Fall Damage

Surprisingly (and fortunately), this game does not implement fall damage. It doesn’t matter how high up you are or what you’re falling onto you will not take fall damage.

After years of playing games like Minecraft this is hard to remember and players might be less willing to take shortcuts to get to ground level or needlessly construct stairs. Just jump off, there’s no downside. It’ll save you a lot on materials and it’s a lot faster than building a method to get down. Hopefully, you wont implement this strategy when you return to Minecraft.

9 Take Your Bed

When you go off on adventures - be it looking for fights, gathering materials, or scouting a new development site - don’t forget to bring your bed with you. Whenever you receive damage and your health gets low, you can grab a straw pillow and recover some of that health with a quick nap.

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It’s a tremendous help when the big bad monsters start appearing at night. Just plop your bed down, fall into it and when you wake up it will be morning and the monsters are all gone. Save yourself the headache and the consumables by taking a bed.

8 Grass Is Key

When building your settlement, it’s important to get a farm going. Grass seeds can be planted to turn spoiled land into fertile land that can then be built upon or converted into farmland. You can get grass seeds from Muddy Hands in the bog lands to the south.

In addition to Worm Food that your scarecrow can generate from these fields, it will also occasionally spawn Medicinal Shrubs. These Shrubs can be harvested for leaves that can be used to produce medicine, which is a necessity for your future military expansion.

7 You Only Need One Scarecrow

Your scarecrow is needed to mark the areas you wish to have converted to rich soil for farming. Without one, Wrigley won’t know where to perform his voodoo and you’ll have an unsightly patch of slime preventing your agricultural goals.

But what many players aren’t aware of is that once Wrigley starts doing his thing, he no longer needs the scarecrow. Smart players will wait till Wrigley gets to work and immediately place the scarecrow somewhere else to save the time and resources to construct a second.

6 Fill The Community Chest

The way to your follower’s hearts is through their stomachs. In addition to making nice places for them to live in and keeping the monsters at bay, they need to be fed and they have quite the appetite.

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It’s easy to get distracted by side quests, building projects and exploration, but it’s important to ensure there is a hefty stash of food in the Community Chest at all times to ensure your villagers are satisfied. It won’t solve all their problems, but having full bellies makes their other problems not seem so bad.

5 Mass Produce Food

Between the nutritional demands of your villagers and the vast amounts of food you’ll be eating during your adventures it’s important to have your agriculture streamlined to consistently produce food.

You’ll need Wrigley working overtime to get farmland set up, Clayton busy tilling the land after it’s converted, your scarecrow marking out your locations, and the villagers themselves getting busy in the fields. Once the food is harvested you’ll need a couple of stations to cook it into meals and then stash it all in your community chest. Your stomach and your villagers will thank you.

4 Drill Down

A powerful and useful maneuver is the Drill Down that you can perform while gliding through the air. Once your target (be it a monster, mountain, or building) is below, let go of the glider and perform an attack.

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If done properly, your character should propel upwards and then slam down to the ground. It’s great for taking out tough enemies, getting the first strike, or burrowing through any obstacle. Remember there’s no fall damage so feel free to practice this until you get it down, it could save you a lot of time and possibly your life.

3 Build Your Defenses

As much as this game is about building it’s also about survival. There are many threats in this world and some will seek your village out for a fight. Because of this, it’s important to get your defenses in place before any of this happens.

Building a moat around your base of operations will handle most enemies effectively and having a fence erected will delay attacks. At the very least, you want to buy yourself some time to gather forces to respond.

2 Warriors Stretch

When hostile forces come knocking at your door, it’s critical you get your villagers outfitted and prepared for war. The problem is only some of them are even capable of combat and the rest will cower behind the walls.

The quick way to tell who’s who is by their reactions. Your warriors will be the ones stretching in anticipation of a fight, the non-combatants are the ones trembling in fear. It’s a simple thing, but only warriors will take and use weapons so it’s important to quickly know who’s who.

1 Kill Them All

Once your base of operations is running strong and your defenses are secure, it’s important to go out and start committing genocide. Every enemy has a drop that can be vital to your efforts and there’s little reason not to attack if you’re prepared and healthy enough to do so.

Your priority should be the optional bosses scattered throughout the land. These foes are the sources of powerful weapons, helpful recipes, and loot that can make your job a lot easier. Once your needs are met and you feel confident in your base, start expanding and conquer everything around you.

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