Dragon Quest Builders 2 Player Recreates A Link to the Past After 150 Hours

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 is well-known for letting players build what they want, similar to Minecraft, but this goes above and beyond. YouTuber BenXC has spent over 150 hours recreating The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past within Square Enix's blocky RPG.

When it comes to Dragon Quest spin-offs, Dragon Quest Builders 2 has an appeal to a wide audience, particularly due to the inspiration it draws from Minecraft. Replicating other games in Minecraft, such as this Minecraft Splatoon mod, are not uncommon, but seeing someone building a detailed map outside of Mojang's mega-hit doesn't happen nearly as much.

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According to BenXC's teaser trailer for the project, he has spent 150 hours over six months painstakingly building the overworld map from A Link to the Past in Dragon Quest Builders 2. This includes over 2,500 hand-planted trees, and 300,000 blocks placed meticulously by hand for the most accurate version of the world as possible. This isn't just a recreation of Hyrule Castle or a town, this is the entirety of the Light World recreated on BenXC's Isle of Awakening.

Anyone interested in exploring the world without building it themselves can visit BenXC's isle with the Island ID 'npyrd8ZJVM'. This cross-over project has seemingly come out with perfect timing, with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening's recent release bringing the Zelda series to the forefront of gamers' minds again. On top of that, Dragon Quest XI's Switch version will be out in just a few days, garnering attention from old-school RPG fans. This combination of Zelda and Dragon Quest couldn't come at a better time.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 was in itself an ambitious project, one that caused the director to burn out and leave Square Enix entirely. The work, however, was worth it; the sequel makes it easier to build larger projects, which allow players to remake entire games within it while the first Dragon Quest Builders was more limited in that manner. Now, players like BenXC can build to their heart's content, without worrying about strange boundaries or limitations.

What will BenXC do next in Dragon Quest Builders 2? It's hard to tell, but maybe a recreation of A Link to the Past's Dark World is the most logical next step. That, however, might be a bit too big of a project after just completing this huge project.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available now on the PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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