Dragon Quest 11 Switch Trailer Highlights Game World

dragon quest xi switch trailer

Nintendo dropped a new trailer today for the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest 11. The trailer puts an emphasis on the world of Erdrea and shows off some of the locations and enemies featured in the upcoming game.

Dragon Quest 11, which came out in Japan in 2017, got a release last year on PC and PlayStation 4 in the US. The game received stellar reviews, and many consider it a great entry point for the long-running series. Square Enix announced a Switch port early last year and that version will finally see its release in September.

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The trailer provides a good look at the world and characters that players can expect to encounter during their adventure in Dragon Quest 11. It also shows off a few strange mounts players will be able to ride. Judging by the trailer, the game seems to run well on the Switch. While it clearly sports a lower resolution than the PS4 version, the illustrative graphical style holds up, and the blurry edges don’t seem too distracting.

The Switch version of the game will carry the title of "Definitive Edition" and will contain a few new features. First, the game will feature an orchestral version of the score. Series fans begged for this after the release of the initial game, which only included midi audio. The Switch version will also include an all-new 16-bit version of the game in the style of the SNES Dragon Quest titles. Players will have the option to switch between the modern and 16-bit versions whenever they like.

However, of all the new features, the portability of the title should excite JRPG fans the most. The average play time for Dragon Quest 11, according to the gameplay aggregate site How Long to Beat, clocks in at around 80 hours for players who take their time and 120 hours for completionists. That kind of play time becomes easier to sink into if players can play the game on the go.

Dragon Quest 11 features an enormous explorable world with a ton of different locations and hours of story. It also features turn-based combat, a feature that seems to have fallen out of style more and more in modern JRPGs, but that many fans of the genre prefer.

Players only have to wait a little longer to play Dragon Quest 11 on the Switch. The game releases on September 27th. In the mean time, eager Switch owners who love the Dragon Quest franchise can satiate themselves with the excellent Dragon Quest Builders 2, which combines the story and characters of the Dragon Quest universe with the building and survival elements of Minecraft.

Dragon Quest 11 is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. The Switch version will be available on September 27th.

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