Dragon Quest 11 represents a huge step forward for the series in terms of both gameplay and reach. Dragon Quest 11 was confirmed for a western release not too long ago, and since then, JRPG fans have been excited about what that could mean for one of Japan’s most popular franchises.

While Dragon Quest 11 has already been released in Japan for the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS – with a Nintendo Switch launch to come at a later date – Square Enix has yet to officially announce what platforms the game would feature on in North America. That has changed, however, as a recent trailer uploaded by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe briefly revealed that Dragon Quest 11 would be coming to PS4 in the west before being taken down hours later.

Given that there hasn’t been any news on Dragon Quest 11‘s Nintendo Switch port for months now, it makes a lot of sense that Square Enix would target the PS4 as a western platform for the title. The PS4’s incredibly strong European and North American sales make it the most appealing choice for a game that has often wavered between genre stalwart and cult classic when it comes to western audiences.

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Of course, the fact that the trailer was taken down does mean that there is an outside chance that Sony erroneously uploaded the video and Square Enix hasn’t decided about North American and European platforms yet. Still, that seems unlikely, given that Sony was likely sent the trailer by Square Enix in the first place.

Even though the now-absent Dragon Quest 11 trailer is essentially a confirmation for one western platform, fans will still be eager to see if Square Enix plans to bring the title to both the 3DS and Switch in the west as well. Both platforms offer upside that the PS4 doesn’t, so it would be odd to see Square Enix skip out on Nintendo’s hardware entirely, but until the developer makes an official announcement, anything is possible.

Dragon Quest 11 is available now in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. It will release in the west sometime in 2018 for PS4, and is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch as well.

Source: DualShockers