Bandai Namco, along with developer DIMPS, has officially announced Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 with a promise of all new features and a shiny new trailer.

Yesterday, we reported on the mysterious website that popped up decked out in Dragon Ball motif and sporting a timer that was counting down to what many speculated would be – for obvious reasons –  a new Dragon Ball video game or anime. Time is up, the ambiguity is gone, and now the website is home to the first official Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 trailer titled “Fly Through Time.”

According to the press release, the sequel will feature a brand new city hub, along with a multitude of new character customization choices, and lots of new special features and upgrades; as most sequels do. Aside from those broad tidbits of information, not much else was released with the game’s announcement. Though we imagine this new game will incorporate many of the new characters and story elements seen in recent movies and the revitalized Dragon Ball anime television series.

The trailer does little more to expand on these features, but it does give glimpses of the game’s new hub, as well as a taste of some of the graphical improvements. Mostly, the trailer showcases pivotal moments in Dragon Ball history; all of which will be part of the story since this, like its predecessor, is a game about time travel.

While the notion of time travel might raise a few eyebrows from newcomers, it is an essential part of this particular series’ mechanics. While many past Dragon Ball games had players merely reliving important moments in the anime universe – and usually only through the eyes of popular characters – Dragon Ball Xenoverse has players take on a more active role by allowing them to participate in those pivotal moments as a unique character that can directly effect the series’ history.

Additionally, players can customize the look and abilities of their characters, making them more original and personal. Players can also interact with other popular fighters from the series, even becoming their apprentices in order to earn their unique special moves and costumes. This level of engagement set this series apart from previous games in the Dragon Ball universe, which had all become repetitive play-by-play retellings of the original anime and movies, making them more like interactive storybooks as opposed to fully realized game.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 character world

Xenoverse has been a surprising breath of fresh air for many who are utterly exhausted by Dragon Ball video games. Given what we have learned from this announcement, the sequel appears to be building on this new, winning formula, but, given the history of these games, we can only hope this series does not become another stale rehashing like its predecessors. With little details to go on at this time, fans will have to sit tight until all is revealed at E3 2016.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime later this year.