GR Pick: Dragon Ball Headset Brings Awesome VR Experience

Dragon Ball VR Headset

A recent Japanese video demonstrating a Dragon Ball game on a virtual reality headset has recently exploded on Reddit, with many fans stating that they'd be interested in such an experience. The video begins with a player donning a virtual reality headset and becoming immediately engaged in a battle against Freeza, with Dragon Ball stalwart Goku giving a curt nod and helping out.

Controllers on the player's hands clearly track the supposed movements of the player's hands as he begins to create an energy blast, and Freeza soon bears down with a similar attack of his own. The first person perspective appears very visceral in nature, and the energy blasts soon overtake the entire screen in blinding light. It's certainly an entertaining thought, and we imagine many gamers could get into yelling "Kamehameha!" as they blink around the battlefield.

Gamers can take a look at the Japanese-exclusive Dragon Ball VR experience below:

While many thought the video was a fan-made example of what could be done, it's actually the real deal. The Japanese company Mega House is behind the video, revealing that the headset combines with a mobile device and some handheld controllers to make it all possible.

Of course, one of the biggest barriers to this game would be exactly how gamers speed around battlefields in virtual reality. Many gamers use a system where pointing at a certain spot eventually teleports the player to that location, but in a property like Dragon Ball - where fighters are blinking around at lightning pace - such a system would lag far behind what gamers would hope for. It's likely that this game is heavily railroaded, with the game controlling most of the movement for players - though this is still unconfirmed, as are most details about the $110 product itself.

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F Trailer

Interested gamers can take a look at the headset's full preview here, which shows other game modes for the Dragon Ball title including a scanning mode and the ability to fly over some Dragon Ball landscapes. Since there's no guarantee this product will ever reach American shores, gamers may have to stick with other mobile titles like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle in the meantime. It may not have augmented reality, but it's certainly more widely available - and less of an investment risk - than this comparatively unknown headset from Mega House and BotsNew.

Would you spend money on such a Dragon Ball VR game, Ranters?

Source: BotsNew (via Reddit)

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