Fans of the Dragon Ball series are in for a good year, as a report from Japan surfaces that reveals Bandai Namco is working on the brand new Dragon Ball: Project Fusion RPG.

The report first appeared on the popular image board 2ch as a scan from the latest issue of V Jump, a Japanese magazine about new manga and video games that has often played spoiler for revelations about anime or manga franchises making the leap into the world of video games. Dragon Ball: Project Fusion won’t be the first iteration of the classic super-powered fighting series to feature on a handheld or console, but the good press from the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F film makes 2016 a good year to attempt a new spin on the Dragon Ball video game formula.

Not much about Dragon Ball: Project Fusion is currently known, as the price and release date remain a mystery even to the translators of the 2ch forum. What the V Jump translation has revealed, however, should get Dragon Ball and RPG fans alike excited: Bandai Namco’s new game will be a RPG for the 3DS that will feature a fusion between Goku and Broly.

Even those who aren’t fans of the anime are likely familiar with Goku, who was recently featured in a fan-made Street Fighter 2 reimagining. He’s the main character from Dragon Ball Z, the most successful anime in the franchise and the one that gained the most traction with Western fans, and he’s known for his suprisingly pacifist attitude combined with his overwhelming strength. Broly, on the other hand, is going to be a name only more dedicated fans of the series recognize: he’s a Saiyan, the same race as Goku, who has embraced his inner rage and violence and become the perfect physical warrior, perhaps surpassing even Goku if not for Broly’s damaged mind.

For gamers who love Dragon Ball, however, the prospect of Dragon Ball: Project Fusion is an extremely exciting one. Goku and Broly wouldn’t fuse together normally, so the RPG might feature some fun what-if scenarios that the anime and manga never really got to explore. With Nintendo looking to focus more on anime releases for their IPs, it might not be a stretch to consider the possibility that Project Fusion even gets a one-off episode to accompany its release.

dragon ball project fusion broly goku

Of course, Nintendo is also gearing up for the release of the new Nintendo NX, which is expected to debut at E3 2016. Given that, it’s a little strange that a potentially big draw like the Dragon Ball series is being developed for the 3DS instead. Then again, Nintendo has a lot of options available to them to make the NX a success, and it’s possible that Dragon Ball: Project Fusion is testing the waters for another console series down the line.

Are you excited for a handheld Dragon Ball RPG in the near future? Do you think the fusion of Goku and Broly will be called Groly or that it will sport a popped collar and be named Broku? Let us know in the comments.

Dragon Ball: Project Fusion is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive that is expected to release in Japan later this year.

Source: 2ch (via Gamezone)