Buzz surrounding the forthcoming fighting title Dragon Ball FighterZ has been consistently loud and unwaveringly strong in the months since its studios debuted the first gameplay footage at E3 2017 earlier this year. Since then, fans have been treated to a slow trickle of new details, screenshots, rosters, and trailers — the latest of which was released today. This time around, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment have unveiled a trailer for everyone’s favorite Namekian, Piccolo.

Though the Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer is entirely in Japanese and is painfully brief at just under 30 seconds in length, it gives hopeful players an idea of just how powerful Piccolo will be in the game. Piccolo shows off his trademark Special Beam Cannon, is able to fling a super fireball-style attack that sends his enemy launching across the ring, and is also able to place mini-projectiles all around his foe. This means that Piccolo can hit his opponent in succession, doubling down on an already disastrous combination.

Speed is also an important component for Piccolo in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and by the looks of the trailer, he appears to be incredibly quick. This will work toward players’ advantage in both defensive and offensive action, especially when channeling energy into defeating enemies and landing hits successfully.

It’s important to note that this footage doesn’t display the full scope of Piccolo’s abilities, as Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment haven’t yet released a complete, in-depth video of the character in action. However, the clip does give an idea of what Piccolo can do in Dragon Ball FighterZ. From his battling skills and impressive combinations to his reliance of speed and projectiles, the green-skinned warrior seems to be a formidable fighter and may just top the game’s character rankings once it’s released early next year.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Piccolo

Piccolo sits alongside Frieza and the Androids 16, 17, and 18, as well as Goku and Trunks, in the fighting series, which is expected to add even more new characters in the coming months. The Tokyo Game Show is fast approaching, and with rumors of fighters like Yamcha heading this way, it doesn’t seem all that out of the realm of possibilities that Bandai will soon introduce a slew of new combatants to the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will launch sometime in February 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: 876TV – YouTube