Despite having received a plethora of positive reviews at launch and setting a new franchise sales record, it looks as if Dragon Ball FighterZ fans on PC are letting the title sit on the shelf and collect dust just a little over two weeks after its release. Although the title quickly became the most-played fighting game in Steam’s history with more than 44,000 active players at launch, the player base for the PC version has plummeted, dropping by 80%.

This information comes courtesy of GitHyp, with the data compiling and analysis company revealing that the concurrent player count for Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s last weekend on Steam was just over 9,000. This means that that 80% of the PC player base dropped off in just two weeks post-launch, which could have been caused by numerous factors such as fighting game newcomers getting tired of being dominated in PvP matches, the title’s much-maligned lobby system becoming too frustrating, or perhaps even the increased popularity of other games like Monster Hunter World garnering players attention.

Whatever the case may be in regards to Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s player base decline on PC, even though the title managed to wallop Tekken 7‘s previous concurrent player record on Steam by a huge margin – Tekken 7 set the bar at 18.7k players at launch, followed by DBF‘s 44.3k record – the Arc System Works-developed game’s user count is diminishing at a much faster rate. To be specific, Dragon Ball FighterZ ‘s concurrent user count dropped by 80% over the course of just two weeks, while it took Tekken 7 two months for its player base to dwindle to that point.

All things considered, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco still have plenty of post-launch support on the way for Dragon Ball FighterZ, with the companies set to release DLC characters at some point in the future. So, while the PC version’s player base is now much lower than it was at launch, perhaps many fans will return to the fold on Steam following the inclusion of fresh fighters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GitHyp