Dragon Ball FighterZ Janemba and SSGSS Gogeta DLC Trailers Released at EVO

janemba added to dragon ball fighterZ

Bandai Namco announced during EVO today the introduction of two new characters to Dragonball FighterZ: Janemba and SSGSS Gogeta.

The trailer for the new fighters dropped at the end of the Dragonball FighterZ tournament, which saw GO1 defeat SonicFox and go on to win the match. The announcement should excite fans of the series who expected the news to come out of the tournament this weekend.

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The trailer, which has been made available on YouTube, confirms the leaked characters from last week. It focuses mainly on Janemba and announces the release date for the character. Fans will get the chance to try him out on August 8th. The trailer then offers a little tease of SSGSS Gogeta, whose release is “coming soon.”

In the trailer, Janemba appears at first in his giant, round, yellow form. He then falls over and transforms into Super Janemba. As Super Janemba, he squares off against SS Goku, which gives him an opportunity to show off some of his move set. This includes his ability to manipulate matter. At one point he creates a pillar of rock out of thin air and slams it into Goku. Janemba can also create portals through which he can attack his opponent from the opposite end of the stage.

Janemba comes from the Fusion Reborn film, in which he serves as the main villain. He brings a sinister attitude to the game - and a giant purple sword. According to last week’s leak, Janemba will also include 5 alternate colors, a Lobby Avatar, and a Z Stamp.

The trailer then teases a little bit of the gameplay that fans can expect from the blue-haired SSGSS Gogeta, who comes in just at the nick of time to put a stop to Janemba. SSGSS Gogeta lobs a few blue fireballs before finishing Janemba off with a Kamehameha. The flashy trailer ends with a reminder that Bandai Namco will also add a new version of Broly to the game in the near future.

The leak may have taken a little bit of the steam out of this announcement, but it should excite fans anyway to actually get to see the new characters in action. Janemba’s moves look like they will add some new wrinkles to the gameplay.

Players who haven’t yet tried Dragonball FighterZ, or who are on the fence about whether or not the game is for them, still have a chance to try it out on Steam for the rest of the weekend, after which they can purchase the game for a whopping 75% off.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

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