Dragon Ball FighterZ Teases Broly Trailer

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We've known for a few weeks now that Dragon Ball FighterZ's first DLC characters would be Goku's father Bardock and the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. While we still aren't quite sure when these two fighters will be officially added to the roster, it does appear as though we at least have a new Broly trailer to look forward to sooner rather than later.

Bandai Namco released a short video on Twitter earlier today of a box labeled as Broly's full trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ. A person off-screen opens the box a few times, and every time the lid comes up, fans are treated to brief audio clips, presumably from the full trailer. This odd video was followed up by an image of the box on the floor, with Bandai Namco saying that it "dropped" the Broly trailer, as well as some teases to fans that a full Bardock trailer is coming soon as well.

Check out Bandai Namco's creative marketing right here:

We still aren't quite sure when Bandai Namco will actually release Broly's full trailer, but this tease suggests that it could be sooner rather than later. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if the trailer was released as early as tomorrow. However, it's also possible that Bandai Namco doesn't plan on releasing Broly's trailer for another week or even longer.

Even though we aren't quite sure when fans will actually get to see Broly's trailer, they should already have an idea of what to expect from it. If the past character trailers for Dragon Ball FighterZ are anything to go by, Broly's trailer will highlight the Legendary Super Saiyan's raw power, and show him utilize some of his most impressive attacks against a variety of other fighters.

Besides Broly and Bardock, fans have other DLC characters to look forward to as well, and they may have already been leaked. Before Bandai Namco announced Broly and Bardock, they were leaked by a datamine that also revealed that Zamasu, Vegito, Cooler, and Ranger Android 17 would all be making their way to the game at some point in the future.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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