As the hype begins to rise for the graphically impressive Dragon Ball FighterZ, a new trailer has dropped revealing new never-seen-before gameplay – as well as a sneak peak at the game’s cinematic story mode. The trailer is entitled ‘The Androids Are Back‘ and shows off footage of the recently revealed half-mechanical additions to the roster in action.

Before showing clips of the once-villainous Androids, the Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer welcomes newcomers Piccolo and Krillin to the fight, revealing the fan-favorites in style as the two join the fast-growing roster. Then it’s Android 18 and Android 16’s turn in the spotlight, the former of which seems to come partnered with her sibling Android 17, who appears to jump into the fight to assist from time to time.

The twins seem to take up the same character slot, with 18 as the focus, though Android 17 will be present in many special moves. One quick scene even looks as though the male Android will be capable of defending against powerful attacks by using his iconic barrier, taken straight from the anime series.

The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer then takes an exciting turn, revealing a ‘forbidden story’ containing an army made up of dark versions of the Z-Fighters. One notable scene contains three dark Gokus at once, though this is not the Goku Black that made an appearance in the currently-airing Dragon Ball Super.

With story mode that appears to contain impressive cinematics and decides the fate of the world, fans have a lot to look forward to with Dragon Ball FighterZ and, with the beta signups now finally open, it won’t be long before gamers can experience the fast-paced fighting game action for themselves. Those who pre-order the title will also gain early-access to Super Saiyan Blue versions of Goku and Vegeta who appear to be seperate characters, rather than simple transformations.

A ‘CollectorZ’ edition of FighterZ is also available, containing an exclusive steelbook, three art boards, a collectable box, and an eighteen centimeter diorama of Super Saiyan Goku with ‘Manga Dimension’ coloring.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases February 2018 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube