As one of the more anticipated fighting games currently in development, Dragon Ball FighterZ quickly gained the attention of fight fans through its stellar character design and three-on-three layout. While this particular type of game is a new approach for the Dragon Ball property, the title is now gaining additional attention for the inclusion of a new and original character that has never been seen in the series before – and she comes in the form of Android 21.

Revealed in the latest issue of Shonen Games, the newly implemented Android 21 hasn’t been detailed as a fighter (nor have any stats been posted on the combatant’s fighting abilities), which leaves many wondering just what her role will be in the final game. With that said, what is known is that she will play a major role thanks to her Dr. Gero-like intellect in the “What If” story mode surrounding Android 16. As a result, it should be interesting to see how she interacts with the other canonical Android fighters featured in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

dragon ball fighterz android 21

Not to be outdone by the newcomer, Namco Bandai also confirmed that the longstanding Dragon Ball duo of Tien and Yamcha will be joining the final roster. The latter is said to have access to a Spirit Ball special and Neo Wolf Fang Fist super, which are true to the often-mocked character’s abilities in the manga and anime. Even then, the fighter’s inclusion comes as little surprise after the voice actor behind Yamcha confirmed his role Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Meanwhile, Tien can execute a Neo Tri-Beam Meteor super and summon an assist in the form of Chaozu. This role as an Assist Character seemingly confirms that the clown-like hero will not be featured as playable in FighterZ, which many may view as a missed opportunity given the unique moveset and minute stature possessed by the fighter.

dragon ball fighterz yamcha tien

The roster is rounding out quite nicely as the game continues to build towards its release in early 2018. Still, there are a number of obscure characters that would make for wonderful additions to Dragon Ball FighterZ, especially since many of the mainstays have now found their way into the final game in one fashion or another.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of the previously never-before-seen Android 21 is a neat way of bringing the pre-Cell Saga antagonists into the fold. Even though she will likely take up residence as a playable combatant, there’s still plenty of time for additional roster reveals – so those clutching their character wish lists needn’t stress too much yet.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2018.

Source: Shonen Games (via Siliconera)