The first footage for Dragon Ball FighterZ debuted today at the Microsoft E3 2017 press event.

The game is being developed by Arc System Works, the studio behind the Guilty Gear series. As a result of borrowing the same gorgeous, fluid style of Guilty Gear, it is arguably the best a Dragon Ball fighting game has ever looked.

The presentation today showed off some outrageous fighting footage and a sampling of the roster of playable characters. The video begins by pitting Goku and Frieza against each other as a nod to one of the best, and longest, fights of the television series. Bandai Namco managed to squeeze in several clashes between many different characters, packing the trailer with eye candy. The video also teased the game’s 3v3 fighting style and demonstrates how chaotic a match can get with multiple characters on screen. Fans were also treated to a brief, but satisfying, preview of the game’s flashy special moves.

Overall, the trailer was an impressive display of the studio’s commitment to capturing the look and feel of the television show. Microsoft made sure to note the sharp footage being shown was thanks to the Xbox One X, which also made its debut at the event.

No further time was spent detailing the game post trailer, but a premature press release earlier this week did some of that already. There is currently no word on a story mode, but one is usually packaged in as part of the game. More information is expected to be released as E3 2017 continues.

There have been many Dragon Ball Z fighting games over the years, which led to a stint of player fatigue. But the recent popularity of titles like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and its predecessor have reinvigorated the genre. Instead of another rehashed fighter, Bandai Namco appears to be stepping up its game. Dragon Ball FighterZ looks to be appealing to hardcore fans who are looking for an authentic DBZ experience. And they might have found it.

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z
will release in early 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.