Dragon Age series executive producer Mark Darrah posts a poll on Twitter asking fans if they would be interested in a Dragon Age Tactics spin-off game.

Things are getting crazy at BioWare. The studio is ramping up development of Mass Effect: Andromeda, at the same time numerous high profile staff members have left the company, and BioWare Austin is making a new IP. On top of all this, it looks like BioWare is considering the possibility of developing a spin-off of one of the company’s most popular franchises in the form of Dragon Age Tactics.

Dragon Age franchise executive producer Mark Darrah has taken to Twitter to see if fans would even be interested in such a prospect by posting a poll for Dragon Age TacticsDragon Age Tactics, which is still just a hypothetical game, would be in the vein of turn-based strategy titles like Fire Emblem and XCOM.

The poll is fairly straight forward, asking fans if they would be willing to play Dragon Age Tactics. At the time of this writing, 50% of fans have answered yes, that they would indeed play such a game; while 24% said no; 19% said yes on the condition that it was on PC; and 7% said they would only be interested in playing Dragon Age Tactics if it was on mobile or handheld devices. Curiously enough, consoles appear to have been taken completely out of the conversation.

Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) February 19, 2016

One has to wonder what a game like Dragon Age Tactics would mean for the franchise in general. Since Dragon Age‘s lead writer has left BioWare, the future quality of the franchise has already been brought into question, and that combined with BioWare focusing on a spin-off game could have fans feeling uneasy. Even though Darrah’s poll shows that 50% of those that have voted would be interested in playing Dragon Age Tactics, it’s unclear if those fans would actually pick up the game once it released, as it would presumably be quite a departure from how the series normally plays.

Then again, other major RPG franchises have managed to successfully transition to the tactical realm in the past. Perhaps the most notable example is Final Fantasy, as Square released Final Fantasy Tactics in the midst of the franchise’s PlayStation-era glory days. That game released to strong sales and near-universal critical acclaim, so perhaps BioWare can find the same success transitioning the Dragon Age franchise to the strategy RPG genre.

With Dragon Age: Inquisition taking the title of most successful BioWare launch, more Dragon Age is coming either way. Whether or not the next game in the series is a more traditional Dragon Age experience or Dragon Age Tactics remains to be seen, but hopefully BioWare is able to share more information with us not long after Mass Effect: Andromeda launches later this year.

At this point, Dragon Age Tactics is not actually confirmed to be in development.

Source: IGN