It has been some time since Electronic Arts first unveiled plans to create a live-action Dragon Age II web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, but thankfully we now have our first look at the show by way of a teaser trailer. Starring Felicia Day as Tallis, an elf assassin who is more than willing to get her hands dirty, this web series certainly has the production value going for it.

Part of that production value comes from the locations that look very much inspired by the world of Dragon Age II. Even though this web series might not be able to take it as far as the main game, there is also a conscious effort to make this a mature, bloody affair.

How exactly all of the elements that went in to making Dragon Age: Redemption — including cinematography from Lost’s John Bartlett — will come together in the end we can’t say, but it looks mighty intriguing thus far.

And, if you’re curious to see more of Day’s Tallis in action, BioWare has announced and released a trailer for their second piece of Dragon Age II DLC titled Mark of the Assassin. Like Redemption, Mark of the Assassin puts a majority of the spotlight on Day’s character — who is stunningly realized in-game — and her quest to steal a precious item.

Both the Dragon Age: Redemption first episode and Mark of the Assassin DLC will be available on next Tuesday, October 11th, but unfortunately both won’t be free. Redemption will, however, be available for all (mature) eyes to see, but Mark of the Assassin will carry a yet unnamed price tag.

We hope that with Redemption to pave the way, and the Battlefield 3: Operation Gridiron reality web series, that developers can find creative ways to bridge the gap between the mainstream and video games. Obviously Dragon Age skews a bit more niche than Battlefield, but we look forward to more ideas like Redemption regardless.

Which are you more excited for: the debut of Dragon Age: Redemption or the Mark of Assassin DLC? Do you think more developers should create web series to build a marketing platform for their titles?

Dragon Age II ‘Mark of the Assassin’ and the Dragon Age: Redemption web series release October 11, 2011.

Source: Machinima