Dragon Age: The 5 Best Outfits Across All Games (& The 5 Worst)

Characters from Dragon Age are known to have a lot of opinions, even in matter of clothes. The fantasy series puts a lot of effort into its lore and fantastical nations. In that regard, they gave various nations and characters different fashion senses. Their lore books are rich with various outfit designs and ideas.

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So what outfits are the best and which are the worst? In this list, we are naming five of the best and worst outfits based on their beauty, popularity, and personality.

10 (Best) Morrigan's Gown

Morrigan blew fans away when she returned to the series in Inquisition with a massive ball gown. Back in Origins, she would never have allowed herself to wear something like that. It was just one of many signs that she changed a lot since the first game.

Her outfit was the most beautiful in the game and really showed the glory of Orlesian fashion, which you hear about a lot.

9 (Worst) Anything Plaidweave

Plaidweave is the most despised crafting material in Dragon Age Inquisition. It is so hated by fans, it has turned into a joke. For example, fans have posted pictures of companions wearing plaidweave clothes as punishment for lying.

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The reason that this crafting material is so detested by fans is that it is an assault on the eyes. It is bright lemon yellow with a plaid pattern. It is not quite what you would expect someone to wear in a dark fantasy setting, that is for sure.

8 (Best) Cole's Hat

There are a lot of Dragon Age fans who never change Cole's hat because it is too unique and suited him. In all, Cole is just a droopy being and the huge but wilting hat really brings that aesthetic home. The spirit boy also loves hats. There are various banters with him where he talks about his love of hats. When asked what his favorite part of the Winter Palace ball was, he excitedly talks about all the different hats he saw.

This hat is not exactly on the list because we ourselves want to wear the hat, but we definitely love the sad bucket hat on Cole.

7 (Worst) Inquisitor Pajamas

They are not actually pajamas, but that is what fans started calling them. These default clothes the inquisitor wore in Skyhold was not well loved by the Dragon Age fandom.

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Fans hated it so much that they wrote letters to Bioware. The blacklash was so fierce that Bioware later released other clothes the Inquisitor could wear while in Skyhold.

6 (Best) Hawke's Champion Armor

Dragon Age 2 had its issues, from recycled dungeons to a lack of plot, but clothing was not a problem. In fact, it was better than Origins. You did not have to dress up every party member anymore because they had their own clothes that suited their characters and personality.

Hawke's champion armor was the best in the game though, which is good, because we want the protagonist to look the best out of the whole team. The only complaint is that the armor is not available until the third act of the game, so you won't get to wear it as much as you would like.

5 (Worst) A Lot Of The Hats

There is an option to hide your character's hat or helmet for a reason. The existence of that option makes you wonder if even Bioware knew their own character hats were hideous.

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Between rogue, warriors, and mage classes . . . it is the mage class that has the worst of the worst hats. That is pretty sad, too, since you would imagine mages to have the best hats. Even one of the lead writers of Dragon Age, David Gaider has said "It wouldn't be a Dragon Age game without ugly mage hats."

4 (Best) Warden Armor

Warden armor did not become cool until after Origins, which is pretty ironic since you no longer get to play as a warden in Dragon Age 2 or Inquisition. However, Bioware still lets you wear warden armor if you can find it in those games. In the second game, you get a warden outfit for completed the Legacy DLC. In Inquisition, different classes of warden armor can be looted around the world.

Fans loved the warden armor so much that they have created mods for Origins to match the armor that was made in the later games.

3 (Worst) Qunari Vitaar

Qunari cannot wear most hats and helmets due to their horns. So if you play one in Inquisiton, you use vitaar, which is face-paint. A lot of it looks way too busy and jarring. Whoever created the vitaar designs is talented, but did not consider that fans would want. Face paints that fans like in video games are more like the Vallislin of the Dalish in terms of design and color. Most people like something more subtle. The qunari vitaar is cool for maybe one scene or a piece of fan art, but it is not something a player would want on their character for an entire game.

2 (Best) Calpernia's Outfit

If you sided with the templars at the beginning of Inquisition, then you got to know the mage Calpernia who serves the main antagonist. She has very unique clothes. It is not until the Trespasser DLC that players get the chance to get those same clothes for themselves. It takes a lot of running around, but you can collect the schematics to make the armor.

This also does not have the same complaint as the champion armor in Dragon Age 2. While you do get the schematics at the end of the game, Inquisition has a method that was later added onto the game that allows you to keep your schematics for all your characters.

1 (Worst) Winter Palace Uniform

Ever since Dragon Age first began, there has always been a ton of hype for Orlesian fashion. Leliana would tell the warden stories of the dresses and the huge parties. In the books, Orlesian clothes were always described to be over-the-top and rich. In Inquisition, you finally get to go to an Orlesian ball in the Winter Palace. You are told to make the best impression and to play what is called "the game" which takes a ton of grooming and wit.

Fans were very disappointed by the clothes you and your companions wear to the Winter Palace. It was all just plain old uniforms. No masks, no hats, or even dresses.

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