'Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition' Outed By British Ratings Board

Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition

Game of the Year and special editions seem to be all the rage nowadays, and with Dragon Age 2 fast approaching, it was really only a matter of time before we saw a super charged version of the immensely popular BioWare RPG.

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition was originally spotted on a GameStop listing roughly a month ago, and was even rated by Australia's OFLC, but we didn't really have a clue to what the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age would feature -- luckily, the British Board of Film Classification has our backs.

The BBFC has listed the content that would be included in the title - if it were to be officially announced by BioWare! Fans who shelled out all of that extra money for DLC are probably going to be a little disheartened to learn that they could have saved their money by waiting for the GotY edition (though, this happens with every game).

According to the BBFC ratings, the rerelease will feature Dragon Age Origins (duh), the standalone expansion Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, The Darkspawn Chronicles, Feast Day Combo Pack, The Golems of Amgarrack, Leliana's Song, Return to Ostagar, Warden's Keep, Witch Hunt, and The Stone Prisoner.

Dragon Age Golems of Amgarrak

I've always had mixed emotions about companies releasing Game of the Year Editions - featuring a ton of extra DLC that I've already spent a small fortune on when the title first came out. However, I never bought Dragon Age Origins so this sounds like pretty awesome deal, should I decide to pick it up.

I think it would be a lot easier if companies just released GotY editions as DLC for loyal fans who have patiently waited for a more affordable way to add longevity to their game's lifespan - though, we all know that would take money from the game company's bottom line. So, don't hold you're breath.

While neither BioWare or EA have made an official announcement, it's a pretty safe bet that we will see this version soon. The original GameStop listing gave Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition an October 12 release date and a $60 price tag which sounds about right considering that Dragon Age 2 was given a March 2011 release date.

What do you guys think about a Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition? Are you fed up with these GotY installments?

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Source: BBFC

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