For PC gamers out there looking forward to the next Bioware RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, we have way for you to ease your impatience. A character creator!

Creating and customizing characters in good RPGs is something that takes me forever. I have to make sure he/she represents exactly what I’m going for and is unique to my play style and character I want to explore the deep story with. Bioware must be reading the minds of folks like me as they have recently released the free-to-download Dragon Age: Origins character creator. Check after the jump for details on this and more from the press release.

The Dragon Age Origins Character Creator is now live!  The Character Creator allows players to create and customize a character on the PC which they can save and use when the PC game launches November 3rd.  Features include the ability to explore & modify your own character before the game releases, as well as create an avatar to be used on the BioWare Community Forums.

Also, the BioWare social network has just been launched and will provide a one-stop shop destination for players of Dragon Age: Origins on any platform to upload screenshots, game data and story information to share with other community members as they progress through epic journey of DAO. Check the link below to create an account.

Click here for the Dragon Age Origins Social Network.

Click here for the Character Creator (English). Or, head to the official site.

If you’re a PC gamer, you can create a few different characters and be ready to join the fight upon launch of the title.

Are you excited for Bioware’s new fantasy RPG? If you missed it, don’t forget to watch the Dragon Age: Origins trailer.

Dragon Age: Origins is available November 3, 2009 on the X-Box 360 and PC and November 17th for the PS3.