'Dragon Age: Origins' Ultimate Edition Bundles the Original, the Expansion and DLC

There aren't too many people out their who haven't played Dragon Age yet, but Electronic Arts has just announced a deal that may entice the stragglers into the world of BioWare's creation. As was suspected after details on the bundle appeared from the British Rating Board, EA has officially announced the Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition -- and it's quite the deal.

The heftily titled Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition will, of course, include Dragon Age: Origins (we can rule out that one as a surprise). It also includes the Awakening expansion pack, and comes bundled with all six DLC additions. With the amount of content pumped into this package, it's certainly not something you can shake a stick at - the total retail value of the products are set at $114, but EA will be selling the bundle for $59.99 - the price of a regular brand new game, but with a lot of bonus content for your dollar.

Dragon Age is shaping up to be an epic series, and we've taken quite a look at the DLC already (and, of course, I suppose we took the time to review the actual game, too). The only issue, as Ranter Riley Little previously deduced, is that gamers who bought the game when it was new and continued to shell out cash for the DLC are going to feel a little ripped off at seeing a complete bundle come out for half the price they paid for it. I'm on the same boat as he, I haven't purchased the game yet, but it's not even a question after this deal comes out to stores -- I'm picking it up and disappearing for a week or two.

If you want to get a feel for the tone of the game, BioWare was awesome enough to provide a teaser video just for the bundle:


Dragon Age 2 will be coming out March 11th, so you've still got ample time to play through the game and all of its bonus content, before continuing on your saga. What do you think, Ranters? Does the Ultimate Edition bundle do enough to entice you, or have you already purchased bits of separately? If so, how do you feel now that this deal is coming out?

Source: Destructoid

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