This September you get to, wait for it, play with Morrigan – the action figure.

Uh huh. Exactly. DC Direct is launching a first run of Dragon Age: Origins figures on September 29 and Morrigan is being released alongside a Genlock, Teyrn Loghain and the Grey Warden Duncan. According to DC Direct, Loghain and Morrigan stand about 6.5 inches high, with Duncan nearing seven inches while the diminutive Genlock tries to stand tall at 5.14 inches high but gets caught in a crushing prison.

Lots of bendy, manipulable bits are a must, and I can only hope the humans come with optional blood-splattered gear, accessories and heads. At times it looked painted on in the game, so why not paint it on the figures?

There’s no word yet on what the figures will look like or what they’ll cost.

The announcement of the figures comes alongside a handful of extra content being released around the IP. Bioware is looking at two novels and an upcoming comic book series for Dragon Age: Origins. They’re also coming out with figures for Mass Effect 2 so they’re definitely expanding on their original properties.

They’re also releasing Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, a retail expansion, on March 16 on PS3, PC and Xbox 360.


Looks like Ohgren makes a return, along with two new characters? The expansion is set in Amaranthine and is to include new content, more storyline, five new recruitable party members and an old favorite (ie. Ohgren?), new spells and abilities, a raise in level cap, new items and more.

Let’s hope Bioware handles this stuff better than they’ve handled the Return to Ostagar DLC for PS3, which, at this rate, won’t make it out before Awakening releases.

Have people had enough Dragon Age, or are there any of you out there looking forward to any of this stuff?