'Dragon Age: Legends' Invades Facebook In Early 2011

Dragon Age Legends Invades Facebook In Early 2011

Developers creating supplemental Facebook games to coincide with major game releases is quickly becoming a popular trend. Crackdown 2 received this treatment with Chuck's Ducks 2, and more recently, Ubisoft has created Assassin's Creed Project Legacy for the social network. Today, BioWare has announced they will follow suit as they've unveiled Dragon Age: Legends, a strategy RPG that you can play with your friends exclusively on Facebook.

In Legends, gamers assume the role of an ally to the Viscount of Kaiten, Ravi. Something has happened to Elton, Ravi's son, and the player is trusted to save him. Legends promises to have players battling against demons and darkspawn through the land of Thedas as they pursue Elton and ultimately bring him to safety. BioWare has said that Legends will feature multiplayer, although didn't go into specifics like how many friends can join a party.

BioWare will be hosting a beta test for the game that will begin by January of 2011. In order to apply for the beta, all that's required is an BioWare or EA account, a subscription to the Dragon Age Newsletter, and of course, a Facebook account. If you meet those requirements, you can sign up here.

EA and BioWare have been doing their best to hype gamers up for Dragon Age 2. With new trailers, free special edition preorder upgrades, and now Legends, BioWare isn't wasting any time promoting their new fantasy RPG. Launching Legends in early 2011 is the perfect way to whet gamers' appetites before releasing Dragon Age 2 in March of next year.

What do you think about the recent popularity of creating Facebook games to coincide with disc based releases? Have you played recent games like Project Legacy, and do you plan on playing Dragon Age Legends? What upcoming games would you like to see do something with Facebook? Hit us up in the comments section and let us know.

The Dragon Age Legends beta launches in January 2011, exclusively on Facebook.

Source: BioWare

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