'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Trailer Reveals 'The Enemy of Thedas'

Dragon Age Inquisition E3 Preview


As the last survivor of a supernatural disaster, players of Dragon Age: Inquisitionwill have no choice but to accept the role of savior for an entire world. Those familar with BioWare's fantasy franchises know that such a task will bring conflict with too many factions, races, and enemy types to name. But luckily, a new trailer out of Gamescom finally gives a voice to the otherworldly threat, and shows just how bad the fighting will be for the Inquisitor, and the many allies who fight at their side.

It's expected that new gameplay footage will be released from the event soon, as was the case with both the E3 footage of the Hinterlands dragon fight and the exploration of Redcliffe Castle. In the meantime, the developers have provided even more glimpses of the past characters, allies (or enemies) set to return - all putting their previous incarnations to shame thanks to the power of the company's next-gen Frostbite engine.

If fans had begun to think that story and scripted sequences weren't going to be as important with this entry in the Dragon Age series - given the wealth of combat and gameplay videos being released - then this 'Enemy of Thedas' trailer addresses those concerns directly. It's difficult to tell what faces or imagery in the trailer can be trusted, but the Inquisitor will certainly be dealing with the mastermind behind the game's catastrophe directly.

Dragon Age Inquisition E3 Preview

When a massive rupture between the world of the living in Thedas and the Fade (the name given to the spirit world existing beneath/alongside it) kills thousands, it is only the Inquisitor who inexplicably survives. Now blessed with powers over the Fade and its inhabitants, the destined champion is the only one capable of finding the real forces at play, and stopping them before the world is lost.

We got to see what those powers will bring to gameplay at E3 2014, but the new trailer shows that the Inquisitor will need them to take on the demons, monstrosities, dragons, and even a mirror image of themselves(?) looking to burn Thedas to a cinder. Fortunately, the trailer also shows that while dragons may be commonly found throughout the game's world, they may not all be bad.

It's still too early to tell just who or what this 'Elder One' really is; whether it begins a new chapter in the mythology of Dragon Age, or brings the return of an existing one. That's one secret BioWare is no doubt keen on keeping, but we'll keep you updated if more information arrives.

What do you think is at work in Inquisition's story? Is the Elder One a returning villain, a prophesied enemy, or are you hoping it takes the series in a new direction? Sound off in the comments.

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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