'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Romances Promise Complex Love Interests

Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Love Interests

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s romances have been a white hot topic in the past few months with Lead Writer of the game, David Gaider, conjuring many an opinion with his defence of the series’ longstanding portrayal of non-heterosexual love interests and relationships. More than a fair few fans of EA and BioWare’s fantasy series are curious at just which love interests will be available in the game given that character romances have been such a huge part of Dragon Age gameplay in the past, with romance related decisions affecting storylines and important moral choices through the series’ previous two titles.

So with new screenshots and character info being released, it makes sense that new details on Dragon Age: Inquisition's romances have made their way outside of the BioWare compound too. Not exactly coming directly from the horse’s mouth, the new information about the love lines and dating lives of Dragon Age: Inquisition's heroes and followers comes from a PAX East attendee named LadyInsanity whose reveals sound anything but crazy.

One interesting romance option that the game is set to offer up is that of a “hate-filled forbidden love” in which players will be able to see a rival as less of a villain to beat and more of a villain to woo and shack up with.

Alternatively, if players would like their characters to find their other half in a more traditional sense versus the classic tale of ‘hero makes a friend, hero falls in love with friend, hero and friend live happily ever after’ will also be provided, perhaps giving players an incentive to pick a favorite party member and try and build upon that relationship, which is in many ways is why the Dragon Age: Inquisition team is so keen on including it.

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Furthermore, the popular question of ‘who will we be able to romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition?’ has also been addressed by LadyInsanity who reported that BioWare confirmed several characters as love interest options. These include Cullen, a burly Templar who featured in the previous two Dragon Age games and Cassandra Pentaghast, the seeker from Dragon Age 2 who interrogates Varric throughout the game. While it seems that Cassandra’s inclusion fits with the idea of having a hate filled romance (she was an antagonist in the last game after all), romance options may also be available with the nine followers available to Dragon Age: Inquisition's protagonist but while these haven’t been confirmed by BioWare or EA, it would be unwise to rule them out.

Non-party cameos include Hawke and Grey Warden, the two protagonists from Dragon Age 1 and 2 who both have a “strong possibility” of showing up, along with Flemeth (Morrigan’s mother who also happens to be a dragon) and an unnamed character from the Dragon Age Asunder novel but none of these characters are expected to be love interests.

Which character(s) are you favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released in Fall, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: LadyInsanity

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