BioWare fans have received a fair share of details about the upcoming new installment in the developer’s popular fantasy RPG franchise, from videos highlighting the next-gen environments and new strategies for in-game romances. But this week future warriors, rogues, and mages have a lot more Dragon Age: Inquisition information to sink their teeth into.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition burst of news began yesterday afternoon when the official Dragon Age Twitter account tweeted a photo of the upcoming game’s box art. The art features a gender-neutral Inquisitor wielding a pretty awesome flaming sword. As if that wasn’t enough to drool over, BioWare and EA went on to confirm October 7, 2014 as the official Dragon Age: Inquisition release date and unveiled a new lore-tastic gameplay trailer.

The gameplay trailer features a nice mix of in-game cinematics, combat, and exploration to highlight the different aspects of the game. Alongside the giant dragons and glimpses of the game’s combat system, keen-eyed Dragon Age fanatics can also catch a glimpse of a few of the game’s stunning locations. Although we already saw over 30 minutes of in-game action when footage leaked in November, the trailer’s narrative structure does offer a much better highlight reel of what life will be like in the world of Inquisition.

Dragon Age Inquisition Box Art

The voice-over narration offers more insight into the game’s plot, as well. Players take on the role of The Inquisitor, the lone survivor of a massive disaster. The game’s creative director, Mike Laidlaw, spoke to Polygon about the Inquisitor’s mission and position in the world after he or she rises from the ashes of the disaster…

“There’s an interesting undertone here of people in the world believing that you have been sent as a leader by the maker of the universe… As a player, I have the option of saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’m the chosen one’ or asking what the hell they are talking about. It’s up to the player.”

Veteran Dragon Age fans might be curious about the Breach’s connection to the Fade, but that mystery will be kept a secret until launch, at least. As the leader of the Inquisition, players will exercise more power than ever before over the people of Thedas, ultimately joining forces with the many figures seen in the trailer’s final moments to restore order to the world.

Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon Battle

“After the big explosion, the heads of the factions in the civil war are killed and so the Inquisition moves in to fill the gap… Once you come out of the Fade, you show yourself to be a leader. Someone has to take control and the power of the Inquisition gives you the freedom to take action… We want to show people the central premise of the game, including the Inquisitor and how it is related to the Fade… You can also see some of the great personality of the game and the scale of this open world.””

The end of the trailer also reveals that consumers who pre-order the game will receive the ‘Flames of the Inquisition’ pack. No details have been released yet about what will be included in that reward package.

How do you think Dragon Age: Inquisition will stand up against the usual batch of triple-A games that are released just before the holiday season? Sound off in the comments.


Dragon Age: Inquisition is releases on October 7, 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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