'Dragon Age Inquisition' Launch Trailer Shows a Wonderful World

The wait has almost ended for the release of Dragon Age Inquisition; a game that had immense pressure to succeed, but early reviews agree that BioWare's latest entry in their fantasy RPG may very well be their best. With so much of the praise focused on the dense, sprawling game world of Inquisition, it makes sense that the game's final trailer should pay particular attention to BioWare's biggest achievement: their wonderful, wonderful world.

An open world RPG relying on its design, environmental variation and amount of content to stand apart from competition doesn't sound like a shock, but it does when coming from a studio better known for its scripted narrative and emphasis on player agency. That aspect may not be as much of a sterling achievement in critics' eyes, but that's not stopping the wealth of 'game of the year' discussions taking place already.

Where the most recent soaring, cinematic trailer for Inquisition put a similar emphasis on the wide range of regions and enemies in store, the official launch trailer turns towards actual gameplay (or in-engine cinematics, more accurately). Not to mention the dragons. Lots and lots of dragons.

Dragon Age Inquisition Launch Trailer Wonderful World

If it wasn't clear already, the lines of accolades decorating the trailer show that BioWare is finally enjoying the fruits of their labor - and the confidence that comes with them. It's generally unwise for AAA video games to attempt to be all things to all players, and it's possible some of the people hooked by the cinematic flair or spectacle of Inquisition's marketing may be shocked to find an RPG that looks to require dozens of hours to simply complete the core story line.

However, the developers themselves have explained that the mainstream success of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim showed even established thinking was in need of a change. Over a hundred hours of questing proves BioWare has done the legwork needed to place Inquisition among the very best open world RPGs - a small group on next-gen consoles.

We're at work on our own review of Dragon Age Inquisition, but have you seen all the evidence needed to pick up a copy yourself? Or do you have concerns with BioWare's recent controversies with both Dragon Age and Mass Effect?

Dragon Age Inquisition officially releases on November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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